The Greatness Within ► Motivational Video ft Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Jim Carrey and Ashton Cutcher – MasteryTV

The Greatness Within ► Motivational Video ft Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Jim Carrey and Ashton Cutcher – MasteryTV

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Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Jaret Grossman, Jim Carrey, Ashton Cutcher

Limitless, The Pursuit of Happiness, Invincible, Neil Young The 60 Year Old Skateboarder

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  1. Hey you, yea you.. The beautiful soul reading this right now, I just want to take a minute to remind you that you are a beautiful and unique soul destined for greatness and I truly wish you all the best in your life, you are worthy of all that you desire to become reality and you have the power within you now to make that happen, I may have never met you but I believe in you. Much love and peace to all… the sky is the limit… never surrender and never stop dreaming !!!

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  2. Greatness is never a plan. It is almost always a sublime accident, perhaps a fatalistic stumbling. Success does not equal great. I do not deride the gains of hard work and dedication. However I speak of a serendipitous discovery upon which a transformation occurs that can not be reversed. It does not comport with our romantic notion. In fact it is corrosive to them. The greats learn this lesson slowly. It separates one from his very company. The greats constantly budget for Brutus. If you can not walk side by side with Judas Iscariot, you can not walk as a great one. In fact, this duty is whole of greatness, to ready one's self to receive the backs of dear friends. Greatness is not to be willed or constructed, it is to be unleashed and dodged when gushing. To find this greatness is no difficult task. It hides cleverly behind a snicker.

  3. Enter the military with an unwaverable disease, and then tell me nothing is impossible. I spent eight years preparing to enter the military. At eighteen I enlisted into the Navy's delayed entry program. I was involved in a car accident and started internally bleeding I waited three months before I told anyone. I went to the doctor and explained my situation to my recruiters. They put in for an advanced reserve for me, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease before I got one, and was honorably medically discharged from the delayed entry program. I have been trying to figure out a way to enter the Navy and become a SEAL for the last seven years. Such as a misdiagnoses, in my research with doctors navy seals and green berets my finding is it is truly impossible for me to enter the military. Despite what the success gurus say some things are impossible. It doesn't mean you don't try but it does mean you don't waist your life trying something while missing what is truly your destiny. Einstein's definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

  4. The magic begins @ 2:51. Impossible for me to ever stop loving the way it's put together. Thank you!
    (2nd comment. 2 years later? Personal account this time)
    Bless 🙏💖🤹

  5. Holy shit younot gonna believe this. I am high and first there came and advertation about motivation and it was just what i needed i gelt it really and i listend for the full 6 minutes thinking wauw and then when i looked at my phone and i saw that the video i clicked on wasnt even start haha i love this world and all of you people yeahh!!

  6. Wow. Im very young and at my age everyone wants to a professional athlete. And for the most part they are grown up to be something else wonderful in there own way. Now I'm trying to be wise about this but i am really trying hard to become a professional surfer. I have made sacrifices, put in dedication, trying to change my diet, and overall i have been getting better. Has it payed off yet? No. Do i think it will in a few years? Yes. I truly love what i do. But i have made big mistakes that affected me overall as well, like, being on the computer for 6 hours straight. Gaining like 15 lbs since i was 9 years old to 10 years old. Right now I'm 11. I have been realizing all of the time wasted from this stupid computer. You might be thinking " well your on it right now", and yes, I'm agreeing with you that. But lately instead of being on this brain washer device for 8 hours a day, I've been on a average of 2/3 hours a day. And I'm proud of that. Oh and, about my weight, i have a annoying low metabolism, but then if i don't eat carbs i can loose 1 pound a day. Idk I'm just trying, Thanks for reading