“The greatest story ever told”

“The greatest story ever told”

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  1. Don't mix. Bible is a story but not Jesus. You know why they don't teach the new testament as much as the old one in christianity?
    Because the cover up the true story and message of Jesus.
    The three religions of the book are not even that major. They just are a perfected hoax each for each people's ears. Nothing else. A evolution of deceiving.
    Why they don't teach as about the true evil the one who is there prince of earth beacuse he has so many people's doing what he would do. Empty people without conscience even if they are religious AND the same goes for so called waked up people or spiritual. They are not fighting their inside deamons beacuse the are not better than yesterday. They want peace in a world of war and full of deamons.

  2. Every time somebody says something like this about the Bible, evidence is found to prove otherwise.
    I guess the ancients decided to build everything in the Bible just to try and bring it to earth, and everything we find that proves it's true are just ancient props…

  3. No Solomon king??? Bloody hell, l believed he had existed, all my life! Well, at the time l had to study the bible as part of catholic upbringing, which was only a few days in my life… no king David either? Where have they been!

  4. This is both true and not true. When you understand the merkaba and higher consciousness you understand all stories come to be manifest and that we live in a multi dimensional reality where there are multiple truths. This is how something can be both true and not true. It depends of your beliefs and how you interpert the stories. Solomon is seen as an Archatype of one of the higher relms of Conscience a soul overlord/monad. Yeshua existed not Jesus that is preached. Yeshuas true words were supressed by the creation of the church. Archeologist and Scollar James Tabor goes into the Bibles correct translation and more accurate depiction of the times he lived in.
    Religion was just to divide those who were explaining the same thing in different words. Even Yeshua said I became all things to all people.

  5. This is a misinformative video. Obviously The bible is not perfect because men participated in its writing but to say it's all imagination is purely evil and dishonest. This person has other intentions besides teaching you something about religions.