The Greatest Secret of The Rich

The Greatest Secret of The Rich

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  1. I found "The Compound Effect" at a second hand book store. I was shocked that such a arrogant, conceited, and competitive braggart couldn't come up with some original content, and had to virtually plagiarize the whole concept and many of the ideas, diagrams, and examples from Jeff Olson's "The Slight Edge." It's appalling that at the end of the book that Hardy has the audacity to finish with a sales pitch, requesting the reader to but five books and give them away to others. He should have asked that five copies of Olson's book get bought and given away in order to help pay for stealing its premise and content. I guess "SUCCESS" to Hardy means profiting from others' hard work. I threw his book into the fire because even Jim Rohn would be disgusted by it.

  2. Reading the Compound Effect and loving it. The Jumpstart was awesome. I haven't missed a Darren Daily since finding him back in November 2019. Awesome and love the work that you do and you generous heart.
    I'm going for the Hero's Journey January 2021 you have just released!