The Greatest Cure of All – with Nick Vujicic

The Greatest Cure of All – with Nick Vujicic

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The greatest cure of all is Jesus Christ. Connect with Nick Vujicic. We want to help you with your next steps in your journey with Jesus! I am so glad to have this time to share a little bit of encouragement in these times where we ask the biggest spiritual questions and wondering, “Who are we? Why are we here?” Being born without arms and legs has definitely forced me to consider the bigger questions of life. And maybe you’ve seen me on YouTube. Maybe you’ve seen our ministry at Life Without Limbs. And I just want the world to know that hope is real. I never go to people and say that I understand their pain, or that I understand what you’re feeling right now. Maybe right now your crisis has to do with your family, relationships, maybe your job. And as a society facing uncertainty sometimes, we kind of get stopped in our tracks that when we are going in a routine of life, putting our confidence in what we normally accept as normal–that we have a job, that we go to school, that we have people in our life. What happens when we put confidence in things or people and they’re taken away? Where do we get our strength from, and where do we find our hope? Jesus is the greatest cure of all.

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