The golden rules of goal setting with Payal Kadakia (founder of ClassPass)

The golden rules of goal setting with Payal Kadakia (founder of ClassPass)

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We chat to legendary entrepreneur Payal Kadakia about her vault of groundbreaking goal-setting secrets that have propelled her to success.

Watch the video to learn the same tools that she used to shatter the stereotypes of female tech entrepreneurs of color.


In less than a decade, Payal Kadakia built an impressive global fitness empire and shattered stereotypes for female tech entrepreneurs of color and she became the first unicorn of the decade.

She is the Executive Chairman & Founder of the world’s most flexible fitness membership, ClassPass and she holds a degree from MIT in Operations Research and Economics.

At the beginning of 2010, Payal was 26 and had no idea that she’d become an entrepreneur. She was living two lives – one was dancing and the other was working in the grind of Corporate America.

While searching for a dance class, she casually came across a problem she knew she had to fight hard to solve, so she created a search engine to do it for her.

10 years later, that one class search has turned into millions of classes booked all around the world.

ClassPass is now valued at over $1 billion and she has become an inspiration to many aspiring women entrepreneurs. Her new book “LIFEPASS” is ready to be purchased.


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