The Depths Of Who You Are

The Depths Of Who You Are

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  1. Eckhart Tolle my lost lover in the wilderness of life' s content has made a wonderful appearance .. to my unbelievable I spend all my life in his presence realising the power of now!

  2. Deciding factor behind all actions should be stillness alone.. you must take action only when the stillness is threatened..if no action is possible..then get out of the place.. or finally accept by accepting I am not this. .

  3. No comments on uncommentable eternal dimension of consciousness which seems to create the entire drama in the wakefull state. .leaves behind and enters dream state to create another drama. .leaves behind and enters deep sleep state to create no-drama and back to seeming wakefull drama and takes to dramaless unseeming state of mere spirit ..playing different roles .. enjoying all the games as a witness ..never bothered ..never upset ..making the mind go mad with it's dramas but itself being always still and always maintaining a space from all the drama!

  4. I understand Eckhart in my terms. .I express in my sphere of knowledge. .that is God, the Absolute, the Brahman, the supreme consciousness is an entity of three most basic qualities like per the limited extent of the human search in this subject. ..and within it's reach perhaps in India…
    Now looking at the first quality, the Sat is said to be the aspect of the absolute existence of the universe without a beginning or an end..and now, when it doesn't have a beginning or an end..then there cannot be a past or future in that Existence Absolute! That is to say what all exist is only NOW!
    As the other meaning of existence is Life and life doesn't contain death and the present moment is an expression of Life. .the present moment cannot be separate from Life. .and so who is on the path of spiritual seeking has to accept or in my terms. . worship the present moment!

  5. Eckhart Tolle is something to idolise. He touches the part of your soul that has never been touched before. Something so deep that it makes you become the real you. 

  6. We are not one part of a part (GOD).
    If you want to know god, look at and in yourself and AROUND. We all will die one we know how or when or why? So..who does?
    Your mind is not your enemy.. Your mind is so beautiful.. Just looking to it and use it and you will realize you are a miracle of GOD. Dont ask yourself or the universe or anything else coz all of which will vanish eventually but GOD.

  7. “Todos los seres humanos en su forma humana son la expresión de ese UNO sin forma, sin tiempo, “la vida” (una vida), que esta mas allá de poder ser destruido, es la vida en si misma, no tiene opuesto, la muerte no es el opuesto de la vida, es el opuesto del nacimiento, y nacimiento y muerte se aplica a las formas… …La vida que tu eres y la vida que yo soy no puede ser destruida, la esencia de todas las formas es eterna, llega del UNO, es la expresión del UNO, saber eso, no como una creencia, si no en la profundidad de ti mismo, reconocer eso que no puede ser destruido… …lo que no muere, lo que es sin tiempo… …todo la locura es realizada por aquellos que no saben quienes son y por que no saben quienes son ellos, no saben lo que se hacen a ellos mismos finalmente, por que todos los otros, son tu mismo.”

  8. Thank you for this wisdom. We truly are One as each one of us is a little piece of the divine source born to live in this reality, but still connected to each other because we are the divine source. We just forgot so we need to be awaken of this wonderful truth.

  9. what is funny is how everyone struts around as if they know who they are and what life is about.. but actually inside they dont know anything. well i guess i am talking about myself.. i certainly have no idea who i am. there is a body here and some emotions and thoughts but thats all i know. I dont even know where i fit into it.

  10. THE ESSENCE IS ETERNAL…..we are all expression of that one FORMLESS AND TIMELESS one life.
    and that is beyond anything that could be destroyed.
    it is life itself.
    it has no opposite.
    death is the opposite of birth, not of life.
    death in surface reality is dreadful,
    but death is not dreadful in the perspective of knowing the transcending dimension, THE DEATHLESS DIMENSION.

  11. I am and you are and we are that I am. It’s awareness separate from sense perceptions. Pure awareness experiencing a human physical form and then forgetting that I am.