THE CURE TO LAZINESS – Best Motivational Speech Compilation (Most Powerful Speeches 2021)

THE CURE TO LAZINESS – Best Motivational Speech Compilation (Most Powerful Speeches 2021)

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THE CURE TO LAZINESS! If you give up now then they’ll be right about you. It’s one day or day one. If it’s really important to you, you DON’T QUIT, you keep going no matter how hard it gets.

Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation featuring new motivational videos by Motiversity and some of the best inspirational speeches ever from Walter Bond, Coach Pain, Mat Wilson, Elliot Hulse, and many more.

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Joe Rogan
Special thanks to Aubrey Marcus for providing the interview:

Kobe Bryant

Eric Thomas

Mel Robbins

David Goggins

Les Brown

Coach Pain
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Bobby Maximus

Elliot Hulse

Walter Bond

Marcus Taylor

Dr. Jessica Houston

Freddy Fri
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1. The Cure to Laziness

2. Stop Being Lazy – Coach Pain & Motiversity

3. Discipline – Elliot Hulse & Motiversity

4. Never Settle – Motiversity

5. Not Done Yet – Motiversity & Coach Pain

6. What’s Your Why – Motiversity & Marcus Taylor

7. Stop Laziness – M2S

8. Down Not Out – Motiversity & Walter Bond

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  1. Best birthday speech. Today is my 29th birthday. A few years ago I was the kind of person who cried every night from the horrible life I had the anxiety that pushed me down. The depression that held me back. But this year I realized I am ready to be free from the mental illness curse that had plagued my family. My mom is so lazy that she sits on her chair or bed plays tablet games all day all night and complains that nothing goes right for her. She has done this my whole life since I was little she allowed the world to bring her to that place. Where she was content with letting me starve, she was never much of a parent never taught me the life skills I needed to survive. (There is a whole can of worms that I can open there talking about the shit she put me through) because of this. I began to fall felt like I needed to take care of her and stuff like that. I even began to gain weight lost my self and let her darkness her negativity start to seep in to me. But recently I realized that she was dragging me down that same path. And I don't want to be like that dark angry and bitter because the world didn't stop for her. I'm not the same person i don't want that kind of life style so now I am on day 8 of my weight loss journey. Day 8 of becoming the person I desire to be. Free from depression. Some one who is no longer bound by anxiety. The mental illness and laziness that runs through my family I'm going to break that cycle and become someone in past never believed I could be. This year is year I show that I can break through the traumas of my past. Step into the light, I know it's going to be a long hard path but I vow in 2023 I will be 135-140 pounds muscled. Independent, brave and fearless. Confident and kind. I feel the dragon in me waking up and smashing through the walls and burning the structures that have kept me comfortable in this familiar hell.
    I Am Not Lazy Anymore. I Am A Dragon!

  2. Can anyone help me find the final speakers 28:50 original vid or name, i need more of this.
    It's really powerful for me because it just feels like this speaker is being intimate and intense

    By the way awesome work really appreciate a useful sets of beliefs and mindsets!!!

  3. Rip up the contract Marcus’ voice oh my word 💕💕 the game changer my daily workout, drive to and from work, cleaning the house, taking walks, working 💕💕

  4. It is natural to be lazy as I told my own subscribers. But is it actually evil? It is–and not in a religious sense but a holistic sense. No matter what you believe to be a higher power or none at all we all know that laziness hurts you. It takes away from your physical health which deteriorates your mental health. Which in turn makes you want to not advance yourself. And years go by and suddenly you realize you are in a listless life. The midlife crisis usually avoids those who are in a state of physical healthy lifestyle and continuous progression. For the greatest evil is knowing that you aren't alive but merely existing. Hope this helps someone out there—-Charles

  5. I literally created a shitstorm for myself was at the brokest point in my life, the least healthy point in my life, the most depressive state I’ve ever been in. But during that storm I started working out, I found a sense of purpose, and I found a sense of accomplishment. I’m still on the grind but I’m now personal training and teaching others how to create positive habits that increase their overall health. I’ve never felt more fulfilled. And the money is starting to roll in but I know even more success is coming. These motivational videos help me so much!!!

  6. Let’s bang this shit out……. This is the best country 🇺🇸 in the galaxy! It’s actually designed to make everyone here rich…….true story……….u have a brain…..a body…….health……….drop the stupid phone to see other peoples crap……..STOP WATCHING THE DUMB BOX(TV)…….listen to rock…….exercise…… a salad and get on a treadmill………make that money…ride horses on the beach…. Go to Africa and hug a tame animal……. See where life began……eat crazy exotic food……what ?u don’t like your face…, fix your teeth and that nose u got from dropping an ex MMA dude in class…….no offense Kloe K…….that money is so YOU CAN DO WHATEVER the F U WANT…… a King……..complainantors never win…winners never complaint……be u…….create.,..doNT resell other peoples shit…..create……write your OWN ticket………meet a beautiful Canadian woman after u wolf around…….. they are so loyal and beautiful………my last date was as sharp as a bowling ball…..she thought Soy Milk was Spanish for I’am Milk🤦🏻‍♂️……… great FACE,body and more makeup then KISS …….I had better conversations with a carrot once…….live it up…..,take your vitamins….be nice..respect……..laugh…..get rid of the flamethrowers( loser friends that booze up and party and work at Macaroni Grill…and they are content because they have abs)🤦🏻‍♂️………….see u next to me waterskiing behind yachts next spring……..u need a friend? Buy a dog………😎👊🏼🤙🏼…… nice to old folks too….help them out…… them a cat………..Go!

  7. 3 months ago my girlfriend broke up with me and I have been a mess since. Not as big of a mess. A month into my break up I found this account. It has been helping me with the breakup and learning new values of life. Thank you.

  8. Do what u want in the physical world in 100 years your house will be torn down car crushed body decayed nothing just like everything else work as hard as you want thr universe won't miss a beat when your gone

  9. Started fasting like last month and a week or so ago I started to workout more than ever sweating more harshly than my public school P.E teacher ever had me going and this just punches me to keep going

  10. Can we have a single montage without duplicates? How hard is it to go through the timeline before rendering out? I don't want excuses. I want you to realize your can change it today. 26:30 is the same as one of the first few sayings. Go fix it and build a better habit for tomorrow.

  11. My brother needs to watch this video maybe he'll learn something from it. My brother is 61 years old still living at home with my mother, lazy has no job and when he had a job he complained about working. He's a pathetic excuse for a man🙄 He has a 14 year old daughter in which he complains on a daily about having to pay for child support. Wish he would get his 💩 together and stop using my mom every time he gets evicted from his rentals.