The brain may be able to repair itself — with help | Jocelyne Bloch

The brain may be able to repair itself — with help | Jocelyne Bloch

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  1. Hard to say, you’d have to ask my Neurosurgeons, like? Dr. Okonkwo and Dr. Shen and Dr. Camiolo-Reddy, I have a Severe TBI, no neurological memory of my car accident and never will, my prefrontal cortex was swelled temporal lobe as well

  2. Possibly unique cell type constitutes 4% of the brain's grey matter, apparently is a hybrid stem cell, invoking a slow regeneration of affected tissues. Cultured and injected directly to lesion area, effects remarkable results. A Standing-O.

  3. I wish this could help for all people suffering with severe brain damage from anti depressants and benzo. I’m complete disabled by 9 months of use of an SSRI. For over 2 years bedridden now at a young age. I wish these treatments were available

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  5. 2 years ago I had a brain bleed & 3 strokes. I have recovered beautifully. I diligently pushed myself to figure out how to spell, write & get back sharp with my math. I had episodes of feeling as if I was going to lose consciousness for about a year but they’ve gotten less & less.

  6. Not true in most cases. I was supposed to be a vegetable 20 years ago. I am almost 40 years post brain trauma. I did not have surgery or stem cells. I used all natural non invasive approaches. Years later i began counseling brain injured clients and patients who had been brain injured. They too are finally repairing. This talk is 6 years old. Are we seeing miracles yet from stem cell implants? Maybe some day but for now know that brains can and do repair without extraordinary efforts.

  7. This was seven years ago? What has happened since then? I haven't heard of cell reimplantation within brain lesions being an approved process with humans which makes sense as medical advances are integrated into practice at an extremely slow obsurd rate. People only live so long. For a stroke patient to actually recover to their maximum potential their entire life has passed them by at that point if they were in their youth and all that work, hope, determination only to find that's all they'll get back & most of the time loose themselves in the process, their identity of what they had to offer to the world, becomes if they can offer anything. I can't speak for all but I know this is the case for many.. I was extremely impressed by the chimpanzees response time, his accuracy, his grasp, spot on, he had no doubt clouding his mind. Seeing that brought tears to my eyes. It definitely shows that the neurons were able to hold hands again and do the electric wave up and back down without an uncertain Evel Kenevel jump somewhere in between, no lost in transmission, No more duck duck….duck… goose..?? Has that been tested on a brain that was no longer at their base plateu of recovery but long after? If so are the papers available to be viewed? Absolutely remarkable job.

  8. If you still want a human subject I won't be up for just anything but I will be up for things similar to what you did to that chimpanzee. Not a control group though, strictly to help your team in gaining more progress and incite only with every intention of whats done has a high scientific probability of success with low, not indefinite, degradation similarly to natural degration of a healthy aging brain. Basically no mad scientist type of sh$t, you won't have any rights to any of my body except for some cells no pieces of brain & my freedom to never be revoked no one becomes my decision maker and the plug doesn't get pulled, no emergency labotamies, Don't let anyone get carried away. Your level of enthusiasm and excitement shows your heart is in your work. The injections is what sparks my interest, I've experienced injections for different purpose and although it's way bigger than the sugar coated illustration used in the video, like a dental syringe for a whale, it was relatively painless.. Bring it on science is my best friend. Plus I can't do it to myself nor have it be a part of any of my personal research as that's unacceptable & not allowed. A scientist whether solo, private or funded can not be a test subject in their own research but one in another teams research is acceptable if only there are not any available individuals not part of the scientific community that would fit the same criteria to be a suitable candidate. ✔ I'm going to reach out in a formal professional manner without the puns. Thanks again for sharing.

  9. I had a stroke before birth, it was relatively minor, was born with a club foot and limited use of my right hand, both with some correction with tendon transfers. My mom had a stroke just a few months ago in the more traditional way. Her limitations are more serious. She has shown improvement in just these few months.

  10. I need help please! me and my family dont know what to do about my situation. my brain is really bad damaged and i dont know what to buy or do please if someone can help me reply please to this comment i dont wanna commit suicide bcs im scared i will never be healed…