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Keshav Bhatt

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All our footage has been licensed in this video through FilmPac & Storyblocks except parts about the topic that have been used under fair use.

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  1. It's very important to sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself about the type of life you want to lead and defining what things will personally fulfill you.

    Understanding that everyone's notion of success is subjective is crucial. Stay away from social media during this time. Don't chase a goal because of the validation you might receive from others.

    It's okay not to know what you want to do or what you want from life at any stage in life. You can be micro goal-oriented, progressing forward 1% every day and become a more complete and better version of yourself.

    Reading the books, listening to the seminars, eating healthy and exercising. To often we place significance on the ending and final result of things like success, when in actual fact the significance, the gift, the reward is all a part of the journey, the process and the person you become in the pursuit of it.

    Not everyone needs to be a CEO or sports star or dare I say it…an influencer…

    Do you…move forward.

    Success is moving forward.

    Moving forward is the reward.

    – Your brother & friend,

  2. I was literally crying when I was listening to this video…You said the truth…I never got such a motivation from any kind of videos I have searched for…I wanted to thankyou that's why I wrote here… ✨I am subscribing this channel with my heart and my soul ❤️

  3. Absolute motivation I just want to let you know you’ve helped me more than any other motivational/self-development YouTube channel, which is saying a lot cause I watch so
    Much of this stuff. Thanks for being PHENOMENAL?

  4. I spent a long time trying to force life and got nowhere. Once I sat back and let God take the wheel things have been happening. A LOT of things. GREAT things! Once is topped trying and spent as much time alone as I possibly could I started working on my mind. During this time I spent 2 years sitting on my ass all the time. I have never been overweight and I started putting on a few lbs and looked a little thick. I drive a lot at work so I sit there and then get home and sit on my ass some more. Finally after 2 years of it, I woke up one day and my gut said it's time. I started by walking laps around my work at lunch and then 1.5 years later adding on and on I'm in the best shape I've ever been mentally, physically and spiritually. My point is it took that 2 years of being a lazy fuck for me to finally get my ass motivated. Maybe others can, sympathize with this. Maybe your time wasn't until now, but you can do it. I've dropped 35 lbs too. You can do it too, just start small. Don't look at the mountain you have to climb, look at the steps you have to take today and look at it from that angle. You can do it.

  5. I absolutely love everything you said ! You said it so beautifully and with just grace ,I'm constantly struggling with self confidence and bad self talk and looking around and feeling behind. And this speech just reminded me to just love myself more and realize that there is no race

  6. You know today I believed in something that would make me in way that I can do anything but I got scared I money the first time and I knew I had to put money down I should had listen to my internal heart but I didn’t this learning (Process) is hard I’ve got to believe and trust (Myself) more