The Best Mental Health Advice I’ve Ever Heard – Johann Hari

The Best Mental Health Advice I’ve Ever Heard – Johann Hari

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  1. No matter what we do, we have to be true to ourselves. You are born to express yourself not to impress others.

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  2. Seratonin is produced in the gut, but they don't tell you to change your diet in order to heal your gut and therefor heal your body's natural seratonin production.

  3. Maybe you are a Cancer who tends to separate from others into their own shell because of your sensitivity. One needs to brush off what others say or do to you. Keeping grudges against others is a killer. It would kill you or you will end up killing another because of your grudges. Seek the Almighty, Creator of the universe and It will help you with the pandemic.

  4. A genuinely sad fact of today's (at least, Western) society, is that technology and cutting-edge technological breakthroughs are developing and advancing at an almost exponential rate. Yet people seem to be 'devolving' or 'degenerating' into selfish, entitled, rude, stupid, obnoxious, self-conceited, narcissistic arseholes – generally, awful people. I can't understand (fully) this dichotomy, sad (and real) as it is. The only thing giving me 'hope in humanity' is that there are some (but VERY few) decent people – and no, I'm not being sanctimonious……

  5. Mine is trauma-informed, fueled by the shame and guilt of being a misfit and the innate worthlessness that accompanies childhood abandonment. I’ve been trying to “fit in,” to be worthy of acceptance by society for my entire life. Because of the injury to my brain, I do not have the physical capacity to benefit from my own successful forays into my society, so that even the things I’ve done that should have worked and would have worked for “normal” people, did not work for me. This only left me further traumatized and more certain of the validity of the assessment of my worth, reinforcing my isolation.

    It’s nightmarish. Even more so because the reality is that society doesn’t actually care whether I exist or not. There are a bunch of hollow programs that claim they address mental health issues, but only if you have money and benefits from insurance AND they agree with your diagnosis AND the treatment protocol AND the time required… otherwise, you’re on your own. Nearly 50,000 people a year die by suicide in the US each year. 95% of them are diagnosed mentally ill. This means 47,500 people were in a position to get help and failed to get it. Somebody knew they were in crisis and did the wrong thing, or worse — did nothing.

    Yeah. I’m a cynic. I live in America and watch the Capitalist profit machine invade and exploit every aspect of our lives — education, healthcare, transportation, utilities, housing — every single day. I watch as more and more of our people are marginalized by corporate interests and the wholesale purchase of our government. This is NOT the America I grew up in. It’s not the America it should be. And it has become so because we’ve allowed the manipulation of our resources by the monied interests for more than 40 years while they actively indoctrinated a segment of intellectually stunted people I never would have guessed could be produced in America, crowding out all semblance of common sense and replacing it with sycophantic zealots incapable of breaking free of the Dunning-Kruger Effect in which they’ve been unknowingly confined.

  6. As a teenager with a developing brain your doctor not only firmly planted the idea into your consciousness that your brain was some how chemically imbalanced, but he also decided to put you on medication. And it was a UK doctor?

  7. Hey guys you are not Alone be strong 🙂 be happy 😊 and be with possitive people if you don't see nice people try to keep busy yourself and be happy 😊

  8. As someone who is lucky enough to have a large group of friends who are all intelligent, trustworthy, compassionate, helpful – seriously, everything you'd want in a friend, and I have maybe 20 – there was a time in my life when I moved away, and I had no access to them for about a year.

    During that time, two things happened: I met the love of my life, and I became incredibly depressed.

    After a while I was able to identify why, and then I did the hardest thing I've ever done in my life: I left to come back home. Fortunately, circumstances for her changed and she was able to follow me here, and she is now a part of the tribe, and still the love of my life.

    Now, in 2020 and 2021, I think we all got a pretty big taste of what extended periods of loneliness are like. Even a lot of people who don't have a solid tribe, but did have decent social interactions at work, a lot of them had that last bit taken away.

    This video only confirms what I suspected many years ago, and what Epicurus said thousands of years ago – "The best life is one surrounded by friends and free from pain."

    People wonder why so many people are and have been flaunting the lock downs and the social gathering restrictions – it's because they know where happiness comes from, and you don't find it in a room all by yourself. It's why incarceration is such a horrible punishment – not because it takes away your freedom, but because it takes away your tribe. I think this is also why prison gangs are almost universal among the incarcerated. New tribe.

  9. It is pretty hard for a gay man. I am 37 and all the friends I used to have are married now. Idk where to find new friend specially now with this pandemic. 😣😣😣

  10. This is why clubs are so valuable – I am a member of the local history society that is brilliant – also a stamp club. So many clubs are closing and young people are not interested.

  11. This might sound really contradictory. I was alot happier when I was depressed and anxious. When I was depressed and suicidal I was motivated. I stayed busy. I was making music and owned my own weed lotion business and was constantly being productive as a 20 year old. I don't have anxiety any more. I don't feel depressed anymore. But I now I drink on the daily and don't really do anything with my life. I used to use depression as a tool to do shit with my life. Now I just drown in dopamine release from alcohol. Now I have everything I want but have nothing…

  12. I love everything you all are saying in the comments here! One statistic that really stuck out to me the most is how the western world is really lonely and that most people have no one to turn to in the event of a crisis! But we can change that!! As a community, we should really start focusing on opening our arms up to those who could use our support! Like it’s sad to know that there are a lot of people who are suffering because they feel like they don’t simply belong in society and bullying and neglecting those we point fingers at who we deem is weird or that is not the most popular in school or the kid everyone hates so why would I want to approach and make their day. So then as the years pass their mental health screws up because of their past with everyone avoiding them! Why do we do this? I mean live life with an open mind and a kind heart in order to understand those people a little so that we can do them favors that leave us feeling like that is one of our purposes in life so that we feel psychologically good forever for all I know! I was also one of those kids to I used to get picked for talking to myself and dressing a certain way and having a unibrow so of course I grew up lonely and depressed and anxious for trying to please others in order to try and make friends. Even if it takes talking to a stranger or doing kinds acts do it so we can change our world! Like I’ve been to the Middle East and of course it is not like that anymore but you see people sitting smoking hookah on the streets and greeting and making jokes with each other and saying habibi to one another as if they all are a family knowing each! Imagine if we just helped each other and learn to coexist without the fear of looking and saying! Not only social wise, but be a good person!! You know stay away from sinning, take care of your physical and mental health, be educated, let go, be disciplined, get out of your head, be with nature, try all the sports you can, build muscle, learn martial arts, be responsible with your schooling and career, raise a good family, play games with people, have goals and fulfill them!!!! Just live life to the fullest with every possible action that benefits your mind and body and others and the entire world without a closed mind or a cold heart to stop you!!!!!!! That is what we all truly want in life! That is the live we all don’t necessarily talk about but hope we will one day have playing in our minds! So what are we waiting for, go change the world and no more waiting! It starts now!!

  13. This guy is a lying pathological fraud, who was shamed (he clung on until the last second btw) into being forced to return – yes return – the Orwell prize for journalism for faking quotes and all round dissemblance. He even lied about that, claiming he did so voluntarily. Hari created fake Facebook accounts to vandalise and traduce the reputations of his critics (honest journalists who became suspicious of his work and quite rightly questioned it). Then hiding behind 'drug addiction' and 'mental health issues as a half-arsed excuse for his behaviour, when all it really was for Hari was craven and immoral ambition. He knew exactly what he was doing and don't buy a word of it.