The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen | Takaharu Tezuka

The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen | Takaharu Tezuka

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  1. Que vídeo inspirador! Crianças são o maior tesouro da humanidade! As escolas de jardim de infância deveriam ser todas assim! Parabéns aos envolvidos por este projeto incrível!

  2. We
    At 4 are in school…
    Schools look like prison cell..
    where we are not allowed to leave even for washroom without teachers permission…
    Not allowed to even slightly lay back on chair because it shows we are not interested ?….
    We are stressed before exams…
    We study hours and hours memorizing without knowing concept…
    If we question about anything to improve concept we are told it is not included in your syallabus or it is not of your level…
    Ar end We are depressed..lost… weakened both physically and mentally..
    Why they don't rename this education system as depressin system or memorizing center..

  3. Montessori have always pushed for a more progressive educational-pedagogical model. Check out the schools done be Herman Hertzberger & Aldo Van Eyck as well.

  4. Absolutely! We coddle our kids in America to the point that they get their little feelings hurt and they don’t know how to deal with it. Unfortunately the comments were turned off for the forest kindergarten video. Excellent idea! What I found interesting was that the teacher stated that in 17 years of doing forest kindergarten teaching he only had to take a kid to the hospital once and it was caused by a parent. We want our kids to be outside playing instead of inside with video games but they get hurt and the first thing we do is drag them back inside.

  5. Proceso natural de ser humanos, colectivo todos juntos, sin fronteras y con ruido y con infraestructura chica mediana y grande; lo natural es estar afuera no adentro. de manera natural cada quien encuentra su espacio.
    Se les ponen riesgos, dosis de peligros. Y aprenden a ayudarse naturalmente, a cómo sobrevivir en el mundo, y se caerán a veces y aprenderán a levantarse. No es la lógica de confort y perfecccion y ser el mejor (individual). Es la lógica de aceptación de la vulnerabilidad y el desarrollo de habilidades para enfrentarla (colectivo) en la colectividad el otro nos recuerda alguna debilidad que probablemente yo no tenga y lo mismo una fortaleza. El principal valor está en la cohesión. Qué pasa cuando tal ojearon la hemos perdido o la tenemos enana. Hay que reinventarla rewstablecerla
    Reparar el mundo será nuestra salvación porque nos hará repararnos a nosotros mismos, y viceversa. Pero el sentido se encuentra al mirar simultáneamente a la crisis hacia fuera y a la crisis hacia dentro, la fibra social colectiva y la fibra personal subjetiva

  6. I design a kindergarten in this studio semester and this speech gives me a motivation of that i can change something about childeren lives and this make me helps them about their life struggles.This is the correct way to be architect.For a basic human size or a monkey size 🙂

  7. Многовато непродуманных мест. Полагаю, статистику по ушибам и травмам в этом саду нигде не публикуют?

  8. This ws one of the most funniest and heartwarming TED talks I have seen, thankyou for the light hearted presentation, also I think such a kindergarten is every parents dream for their child.