The BEST ADVICE you'll Ever Hear! (Part 2) | DAN PEÑA

The BEST ADVICE you'll Ever Hear! (Part 2) | DAN PEÑA

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Dan Peña | From The Barrio To The F*****g Queen Of England

⚠ This video was uploaded with the permission of the owner.
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  1. i understand everything he says but at the same time .. we do need love we do need friends and so on … i think what we need is balacing everything together just like nature does since the begenning …. if all you pursue is success and money theres something wrong … we cant all be bilionaire and use everyone as a tool for our needs … i find him extreme in his way of thinking … not bad just extreme .. he might be hiding something who knows if hes really happy … look at the pictures 4:41 when hes drinking that sparkling brevage none is smiling in the pictures oh well sorry for my english have a nice day everyone 🙂 !

  2. Work all your life, have no friends, dont love or fit in, live in a BIG HOUSE and die alone leaving your money for everyone to fight over🤔 or be happy and enjoy life

  3. How can you say your FAMILY who God blessed you with is a detriment?. You cannot choose your family their are yours no matter what. LOVE makes the world go around. Without LOVE you have NOTHING remmember that. Love your family support them and live your live. In times of hardship dispear happinesd joy whatever you need a hand to hold on to. No matter what the circumstance everybody needs somebody. Money cannot buy love happiness , life is a FULL CIRCLE.