The 5 Consistencies of Game Changers | Robin Sharma

The 5 Consistencies of Game Changers | Robin Sharma

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This episode is all about the 5 Consistencies of Game-Changers, I’ll share a mnemonic to help you remember these 5 insights. It’s a bit of a strange mnemonic, but it’s basically this: “Elephants Do Silly Postures Working.”

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  1. Thank you Robin. This will surely be useful. If you don't mind I will make one minor edit for myself. Instead of the 'P" standing from Past to Future, I would rather use it as Past to Present. Cause I believe that only when we are truly present to what we are doing will we be able to do justice to it.

  2. You are Amazing Robin! Such an inspiration…. I follow you for years now and really just wanted to take time here you say how much you have impacted by growth! Keep inspiring!!!

  3. In this video i learned:
    5 consistencies of game changer
    1. Excuses are for victim
    Results are for game changer.
    Dont make excuses
    2. Distraction-
    Move from distraction to concentratin.
    Focus on few things
    3. Stagnation- move from stagnation to optimtion.
    Learn and expend yourself
    4. Past- move from the past to the beuty of the future.
    The past is in the past.
    5.week to week. Dont survive from week to week. Impact on generations!!

  4. No words.. Thanks. I listen this while I take a break from my morning run. I will follow this and there will be a day I will be flying high.. (yet listening to your podcast while diligently considering to rewire my thought process even while flying). there I will be to attend tour titan summit..

  5. Hi Robin, I've taken on board your message, but I'm a great believer in the positive, so I've turned it around to "Royals Come Out Fast Leading"
    This expresses the positive in your message "Results, Concentration, Optimisation, Future-Focus, Leading". The use of "Royal" helps me concentrate on being the King of my destiny.

  6. Robin Sharma you posted something very interesting as fast time to time also he said try to learned forgiveness we are strongly believed in that statement because Allah loves people forgiving our prophet said fast Monday and Thursday that statement long time ago we listened and we learned some times people they don't value their locals imams, if listened with carefully check abdurrahman Mourad and check Ali Joma your always learned something meaningful thank you very much everyone for sharing knowledge that beneficial please post more

  7. Thank you so much, Robin! Your videos fuel my drive to mastery every morning!
    When he mentioned people who tries to get by week after week by numbing out their pain of talent unexpressed, tears came to my eyes. It was such a big leap to follow what passion I have inside, and when I decided to do it, I gained massive confidence and love for myself and the world. I wish that more people could have the support and mentoring to make the switch!