Techniques To Hit Your Top 3 Goals Faster | Vishen Lakhiani

Techniques To Hit Your Top 3 Goals Faster | Vishen Lakhiani

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In this video, Vishen Lakhiani delivers expert coaching on how to set goals and achieve them for real ✨ Get more inspiration and access to our entire collection of world-class Mindvalley courses all at once (and for a fraction of the cost) here 🥳👉

Big dreamer? Wondering how to achieve your most ambitious goals?

It goes deeper into your spiritual formation and your connection to the Universe than you may have thought. In this talk, Vishen outlines your new gameplan with regards to how to set goals and achieve them FAST.

Funnily enough, the inspiration for this talk came in the form of a very random phone call from Algeria. From that single interaction (that you’ll hear in this video), this entire talk was born…


0:00 Talk Introduction
6:10 A Call From Algeria
11:50 José Silva & The Silva Method
17:30 Neale’s Law
18:00 The Secret
24:11 The Goal Hitting Techniques
58:20 Jason Goldberg’s Rap
1:00:25 Conclusion & Summary

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  1. How to be joyful.
    1 .Bliss blissipline
    2. Immunity to over wholm
    3. Win win relationship
    inspiration demand.
    Three questions to ask my self
    In meditation
    a. Show me who i need to become. me how to United with my soul.
    5.things to embody in my practices
    1. Meditation
    2. Serve the humanity
    3. Build the emotion or exhilaration
    4. Accepts the uncertainty
    5. Law of resonance.

  2. I love your format books have SAVED ME all my life growing up with uneducated parents but highly intelligent was my “ father” and mother …the difference was she had a spirit of wanting to learn a personality of royalty and taught us (being the tenth child that )“ I was no better than anybody but nobody was better than me’”
    That has saved me by giving me no fear of anyone no matter what their position was and during my last 40 years I have been in the company of people from all walks of life .
    I know the importance of communication ,ready for my last quarter of life .early this morning1;30 am -5;00 am, I listen to you about your 3 years of “ cockroach experience” it touch me deeply as it took COVID to whip me back to my purpose and you gave me the answer how, I believe in the unity of all people in love and respect with culture being the beauty of variety in our lifestyles ….I will connect with you and by the way tell Lisa she looked beautiful but her beauty has become Be-T-I -FULL. I know why and I am learning from my inner work.
    Please know that I write this with full intentions to Be a Be Do energetic being…Thank You Thank You Thank You.
    Akua Fayette

  3. I do a voluntary radio show every Saturday on WHAT’S YOUR LIFE CHANGER? It came out of my personal life changing events COVID 19 became the biggest and the best LIFE CHANGER In my life. I LOVE YOUR STORY.

  4. Thank you for the nagging voice example it makes sense to me I really do not like “lying”
    Even to myself !’s hard for me to use someone’s exact mantra now I know why ..Thank-you Thank you THANK YOU !

  5. Mate, when you end youe talks end it with a snap shot of all the points as a take away.

    Challenge yourself to say all that you tried to say in an hour in less than 120 seconds.

  6. I can't thank enough to Mindvalley share this valuable video here. I am so mesmerized by the entire content and Vishen's talk. The improvised Lofty Questions part make my tear out. I am inspired and so resonate with all of this. Thanks you thank you thank you. I found my answer here at the right time. Thank you