TEAL SWAN: “You will never be the same after practicing this”

TEAL SWAN: “You will never be the same after practicing this”

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  1. Teal Swan, This is the first time I heard of you or saw your video. It is very well said and very helpful. You have a soothing and uplifting voice, words and appearance. I agree that this video is very powerful. I've done decades of many self-improvement processes and seminars and meditations. Including teaching the most powerful meditation in history for 9 years for free. Also attending 2 seminars by Joe Dispenza and 2 seminars by Jerry and Esther Hicks and studying Abraham Hicks for 25 years and my 2,000 self improvement non fiction books. I do want to add that the 3rd part of Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction 5 step manifesting process is The Law of Allowing, which has 4 components: feel good in your thoughts, emotions, vibrational balance and the stories that you tell. Tell the stories of what you want more of instead of stories about what you don't want more of like negative gossip, or bad news. Also silence your mind in anyway like walking in awe in nature or silencing your mind in meditation, because mental silence is the Kingdom of God. Also remember what Abraham Hicks said; "You are already brilliant, worthy and capable." Also that "You are the leading edge of Source." A divine being that chose to come into this contrasting experience as a human, while knowing that Source is always with you and will support you always. My belief is that the Universe is a mirror to haow you feel. The better you feel the better you attract. The worse you feel the worse you attract. So your priority is to do anything you can in anyway to "Feel Good Now". Also know that God/source doesn't hear what you say. God hears how you feel. So if you choose to communicate with God, feel good doing it. I also learnt from the wisest person in history that part of when I meditate is to 'Surrender'. The reason for that is it answers the question I had for decades about the phrase, 'Let Go, Let God'. So when I go deep into thoughtless awareness in meditation I Surrender to God and be thoughtless the best I can. Then 'Let Go Let God' can happen or begin, whichever is the case. so Surrender is not in weakness it is in Divine connection with Source/Almighty power. I have trained in 3 super advanced meditations that create miracles, not always, however they do result in some magic and miracles or some may call GodWinks. One is a 3 minute process and the Secret of Instant Healing. Which I have done hundreds of miracles and all for free and can be in person or on the phone the distance is not important. Anyways Teal Swan, I take my hat off to you and your wonderful helpful video. It encompasses a vast amount of beneficial ways to improve one's vibration and manifesting results, which could take a lot of research to find elsewhere so your short video is Divinely blessed and will bless those who study and apply it. This I know to be true.

  2. When it comes to writing, i find that when something/anything is impeding you.. whatever that negativity is that's stealing your focus… i write down whats eating at me so i can stop internalizing.. i write it down, then rip it out of the note book, crumple it up and throw it in the garbage where it belongs… i haven't yet but if i ever feel the need, i'll light the sumbitch up… burn away whats been burning into me.. fight fire with fire…. and with all the focus on the good/pure/light…. more inquiry into your darkness or shadow is needed.. no amount of light or positive vibrations can rid it from u.. cant repress/ignore/denial is going to get rid of it.. attempting to is just gonna leave u on a plateau with no way to keep ascending on your journey.. u can only fall from there.. absolute darkness is pure in itself.. .. like it was said non judgementle observation and inspection into such thoughts and ideas.. know thy enemy.. but you'll learn its not an enemy.. good or bad.. thoughts/ ideas or capabilities are not who we are.. our actions and motivation make us who we are… that darkness can be quite helpful in dark times.. not everyday can be sunny..day cannot exist without night. Or light without dark good without bad.. can only coexist or….. what good is a lion with no teeth or claws.. if you only know lightness in your life, what are u going to do when a crisis finally pops up.. a balance is needed… with shadows work comes independence.. a realization of strength and reduction in fear… opinions/judgements from others.. u realize how irrelevant they are….and its the light that cast shadows not the dark.. and in darkness we all get opportunities to shine.. shine on shine bright.. be diamonds in the sky.. the darker the night, the harder we fight….. frozen in time in the beauty of an endless twilight… perpetual balance and balancing act.. damn near divinity in my not so humble opinion.. to seek ones truth with absolutely no ego or expectations…seeking and searching..
    Gain experience from experiencing.. with open eyes.. ears.. gut..heart.. mind.. spirit and soul…. cause no harm but take no Shiite

  3. So high frequency is adrenaline …which gives you focus alertness etc… and low frequency is feeling bad emotionally…. I'm going to think I feel amazing and see what happens. I've been feeling OK and occasionally great maybe I'll go for great. And good. Good for the tired days and great for the good days. I noticed splashing ice water on my face is one of the best things I ever felt. And it's not something I do often so I'm n gonna start doing that every morning. I used to always wash my face and then splash it cold. And I bought a skipping rope and thats so so fun. I'm loving teal. The other day she did a tarot card and it said to follow your joy. The weirdest thing was I spent all day cleaning and really enjoyed it. And usually I wake up and think omg I don't want to clean everything's not dirty I want to do something fun but I should clean this kitchen. Then when is topped doing the chore of cleaning the kitchen and decided I was having a fun only day the thing I chose to do for kicks was clean out the insides of my cupboards…. lol! Teal Swan should call her next book how to evade murphies law.

  4. I hit this pitch a year ago. Then my mother decided what I was giving her wasn't enough and the magic left. If you level up guys do it for yourself. Other people are parasitic if they hold poverty close to their heart.

  5. I am a lightworker. I have already consciousness. I am helping people with my information about my knowing. To built a new Earth. I have also some gifts. I can feel emotions from other people. I raised my self with spirituality. And meditation and your breath are so much important to take you back to the source. Your source is the heart of the human beings, to listening to it. It's your real gps and not your mind. There are to many people still live their lives by the mind ( matrix) with the 5 sences. We are all one. In my perception.Everyone is one drop from the Ocean. And that part is your heart. We have all a piece of it. We are creators from orgine. But the world were we living in is a illussion. When we open our eyes, the matrix our un consciousness creates the world that you think this is the real world. But this is not real. It's very difficult for many people to believe this. The information that i can give more is, maybe you find it out to search about this and you will invest in yourself who you really are. An why you have chosen to be here on this planet. We are all love. I have already happiness and peace in my live. Amen ! ❤?

  6. It was OK listening to you the first few minutes after which it became unbearable. You are intelligent, so it's odd how you can be so off as far as Teal Swan is concerned.

  7. Yoga calls observation Svadhyaya. Which allows us to detach (Pratyahara) to go into meditation (Dhyana) and to become one with our desire (Samadhi) ?

    About water, I live near water, I love being in the ocean and when I need to raise my frequency, I always go in the shower. That is also where I channel so many good ideas – and sometimes I'm in there for upwards of an hour. I sing in the shower. I tone in the shower.

    Yesterday I was watching a video by Jake ducey, and he said an instant hack to raise your vibration is to smile. Think about it. When you smile, you're triggering dopamine in your brain. What do you smile about? Good things! So if you can think about things that make you happy and smile, it will raise your vibration.

  8. Please research this woman. She is a dangerous sociopath. Please go to the source of her plagiarized words for more help. This woman is a monster. A cult leader. She is no victim of satanic abuse. And she preys upon peoples pains and expoits them. Just research her. Find out the truth about these self proclaimed aliens as they call themselves. Her teachings you resonate with are not hers. Get them from the actual souces who are not dangerous exploiting liars.

  9. OMG!
    Sorry Teal, you’re a spectacular & transparent fraud. Literally, 20 seconds into this vid, I couldn’t help bursting into laughter. It’s a pity anyone invests in this obvious drivel.

  10. Whatever you do, don't try to avoid or run away from pain in order to feel better. The pain is there and it needs loving attention in order to transform. Being unconditionally present with yourself means loving the dark as much as the light.

  11. Not true. Nature is NoT in a constant state of nonresistence. Nature stays in a flux-state…ever flowing however nature sees fit in order to maintain a certain level of balance. The ground in which our feet fall, must resist for us to exist…for if one tries to walk upon actual "nonresistent" quicksand, actually walking turns into Quickly Sinking into it until you are fully consumed by it. Just a tidbit of informational information, I mean no harm…quite the opposite in fact. Splendid. Alrightyroo, I now bid you all aideu. Much love Peace ☮ ✌ ❤ ?

  12. U are my highest ♥ frequency & vibrations and energy generator thank u for u existence ? much love highest quality of high frequency its UNIVERSE LANGUAGE IS SILENCE HOW LEADING U TO MUSIC ? HMM HEART ❤ BEST INSTRUMENT ? HOW CREAT LOVE = SILENCE, MUSIC AND LOVE IS UNIVERSE LANGUAGE, much love ❤ from body worker Sam thai yoga massage therapy combination of Russian, Chinese and Indian technique combination in one & strength, discipline and kidness ???❤❤❤❤??????look at sun it will rise up frequency too ,be grounded but not long time ,rise up LEVITATING UP BY OBSERVING U AWERNEST IN SUBCONSCIOUS MIND HOW OPENS DOORS TO HEART , love it keep it up ❤❤❤

  13. This does resonate with me everything but one, when our focus is internal and we focus solely on doing what makes us feel good or what brings us happiness and joy we are ignoring a very important tool. We are all dependent upon being beneficial to the universe for harmonious frequency. What benefits one will benifit those that are in harmony with the Universe and nature it acts like a sonic wave or when we drop a pebble into a calm body of water it creates a ripple effect to all other water molecules surrounding those that had been originally effected in a radiating pattern. It is much the same with all things it is cause and effect. If I decided that something we love is in short supply and someone else expresses that love as well however we have possession of this and the other person is unable to obtain it for whatever reason. This is a very important opportunity and is the universe telling you to release it. Love it and keep the memory and feeling present and try to gather as much detail as possible for you to be able to use your minds eye to experience it's possession again when you desire it or when you wish to gain possession of another one of its likeness. It is also important to teach those that could not generate it how it was that you were able to get it. This way increasingly other people's vibrations empowering them and transforming them from a negative to a positive. That is your pebble. We are limited only by that of what we choose and what limitations are placed on others by bringing another being success we will also experience success by being a source of that which makes us happy to intern share that happiness with others will bring you closer in harmony of the universe. Meaning that much less will be resistant to change as well as making way for self transformation. It's not so much about feeling positive all the time. That isn't realistic. it's more about being focused on what can make the experiences of all better. Through this you can experience more happiness and joy than you thought possible because we too are molecular and our world is easily influenced by outside forces some will be positive and some negative but it is also how we choose to experience these influences that determines its effect of the force to our world. If we look at something as negative and choose therefore to neglect it, ignore it or, or confront it what we are doing is subconsciously acknowledging it as a harmful source. This can cause it to further ripple to others. Instead of allowing it to be harmful to self and others or by meeting it with ignorance, or neglect (which never helped anyone just ask an addict) allowing it therefore to grow. Instead try to transform it or how you experienced it. Sometimes we think of something as Negative and therefore harmful but it is actually us that is being harmful. What we believe in or know to be true can influence how we experience things. We choose our friends and we choose our enemies we choose our deities and what we believe of them will change our experience of them and all other beings. If all we do is send hate fear and intolerance or ignorance to any energy or being it will meet us with that mirrored influence back at us. It then becomes a scape goat or a devil or demon regardless of its true nature however one thing is true in its origin to all things. It can not help what it is. So if it be a devil and was a devil from its origin then a devil it is but it makes us just as harmful to experience or express harmful, aggressive, or fearful behavior and beliefs generated at it.

  14. I just wanna to say, I love you and I hope you have a great day. You deserve a great life, business, family, and opportunity. May you have a Blessed Day?