SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES | The Speech That Broke The Internet

SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES | The Speech That Broke The Internet

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Dan Peña reveals how he made billions of dollars using this strategy. Warning: This is not for everyone! Listen and his advice will change your future.

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Speaker: DAN PENA

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  1. He was speaking to me, I was told to keep out of the way, I wouldn't get no where and deep down I knew that isn't supposed to be me, I see no lies in what he said

  2. My grandfather told me my entire childhood to watch what i say. I feel that this is one of the most hurtful things you can say to a child if over used. Rn I'm 18 years old introvert and trying to figure out how to teach myself all the things that my parents didnt. And I feel I'm the lucky one, because of my most important quality, self awareness. It is so important to know what you need to work on.

  3. Just be you but in the end be FREE from MONEY I see tomorrow an if I was not looking someone will blind you in making there money off your back pushing us into slaves of it driven problems for us but just profits to them an they tell you how to live one life together helping each over is better then helping yourself to the 1% your just a number.

  4. I learned these lessons the hard way; coming up in Detroit. That's a big part of the reason why I got a Confucius statement tattooed on my arm; as a constant reminder. "Have no friends unequal to yourself." You definitely have to surround yourself with like-minded, motivated, positive people in life. Never settle for any less.

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  6. Traumatic brain injury is the hardest thing to overcome ..I relearn eveything over and over. And I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ..UNTIL I REACH MY GOALS…..I am FULL OF FAITH …

  7. My Realization from this video is….

    Each and every successful person in the world has kne thing common, they all have veru higher self esteem.

    These people do not try to fit in, rather they love to stand out from the crowd.

    What we think, we create. If I choose to think big, very big for my life, I would create and act accordingly.

    Every success leaves a clue and I just pick it up form their success and move ahead toward super successful journey of my life, inwardly and outwardly too