Study LESS Study SMART – Motivational Video on How to Study EFFECTIVELY

Study LESS Study SMART – Motivational Video on How to Study EFFECTIVELY

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Download our detailed summary notes on how you can study way more effectively – and get extra study tips that weren’t included in this video:

With exam season upon us and the holidays fast approaching we decided to make Marty Lobdell’s famous 1-hour long lecture “Study Less Study Smart” into a motivational video that summarizes the key points!

Ever wonder how to study effectively? Did you know there’s an extremely simple method that research has shown can increase your GPA by 1.0 (seriously) 😲 Watch the video and download our summary notes:

The full 1-hour long lecture:

Note: This video was taken down temporarily but we have talked with the person who took it down and worked things out.

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  1. Most schools here in our country didn't teach us how to study effectively they just told us to study but then of course most students mindset study is just memorizing and that is very wrong

  2. Me: takes out notes to study after class ends
    The next teacher coming in after class: Alright class, kindly turn to page 27 on your text books

  3. Thank you I wish I heard this earlier 😢😢…cus at times it feels like am not just doing yet I have just being punishing performance has really been terrible 😢😢..but please advise me on how to study after a concept has been lectures end at 5pm and am usually tired what can I do since you said I shouldn't wait for hours to pass😢 am really struggling please 😢

  4. SQRRR.Nice take out. It's really like tiring or feeling overwhelmed when you do things longer like 6 hours. Usually, you will asked: "How long do I still need to do this?" rather than thinking or understanding what you are studying. But, if you say "I will read for 30 mins."usually, you can even pass 30 mins reading because you enjoy what you are doing.

  5. Be careful with what you tell yourself and others about what you have done, what you are doing, and where are you going. Search for the correct words. Organize those words into the correct sentences, and those sentences into the correct paragraphs. The past can be redeemed when reduced by precise language to its essence. The present can flow by without robbing the future if its realities are spoken out clearly. With careful thought and language, the singular, stellar destiny that justifies existence can be extracted from the multitude of murky and unpleasant futures that are far more likely to manifest themselves of their own accord. This is how the Eye and the Word make a habitable order.

  6. This is so good! Thanks so much! Very useful information.

    I used to be a voracious reader and could remember and understand most of what I read… until my health was wrecked from tick diseases and toxic mold.. now I struggle to read and remember..

    I am taking medical-based classes for my career and I need to improve my study habits and ability to retain and understand the material.. I think these tips will help tremendously!

  7. Amazing video,
    Had I known these precious pieces of tips, I would have definitely dealt way better with my time and my studying. However, it's never too late to apply them in our coming studying times. Thank you so much.

  8. Currently in nursing school and I literally read long chapters no more than 2 times, instead of what I would do before where I would just try to shove information in my brain by rereading over and over again and i went from getting Bs to straight As for the past few exams and I gotta attribute it to studying less but being more efficient