STUDY HARD – Best Study Motivation Compilation for Success & Students

STUDY HARD – Best Study Motivation Compilation for Success & Students

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  1. "You know
    while the other guys sleeping I'm working,
    while the other guy is eating I'm working,"
    i strongly disagree. i mean i don't think we should neglect our own life just to focus on working, there should be a balance, it's like "The other guy's living, I'm working" if you don't sleep or eat, what are you even working for? death?

  2. thank you so much I was so worried about exams especially what my dad says bout me he always tells me I'm dumb but I wanna proof him wrong
    most of all I wanna proof me wrong I have told myself I have tried my best when I haven't
    I wanna say that for real this time

  3. I am loser too🥺 my last semester examination on the way from
    20th june 2022 , but still I don't know how I wasted time in such a rare moment🥺😭
    Thank you so much M2S🙏😥 for this I really need it🥺

  4. Thank you so much. I really needed this. My board exam is in September. This helps me to study harder and smarter. ❤️ I promise I will get back to this video after the result will come out, probably in December.

  5. Be careful with what you tell yourself and others about what you have done, what you are doing, and where are you going. Search for the correct words. Organize those words into the correct sentences, and those sentences into the correct paragraphs. The past can be redeemed when reduced by precise language to its essence. The present can flow by without robbing the future if its realities are spoken out clearly. With careful thought and language, the singular, stellar destiny that justifies existence can be extracted from the multitude of murky and unpleasant futures that are far more likely to manifest themselves of their own accord. This is how the Eye and the Word make a habitable order.

  6. 1 Study hard
    2 believe in yourself
    3 never give up 👿
    4 fucos on your goals
    5 prove them wrong
    6 proud of your parents
    If u follow these 6 rule u are successful in your future this is real bro 😈

  7. I am a high school student from Taiwan, I already graduated from high school this year, but I am not satisfied with the department I reach through GSAT this year( something similar to SAT in the US ). So I am re-preparing for the exam coming next year. My aim is school of medicine, but it really tough to reach. Among 100000 examinees, only 800 can apply to MED school.Even those who are PR99 on exam still have risk of failing this “competition”. Every time I was anxious and low productive, I will always listen to Motivation2Study, it really boost my mentality and energy. Thank you so much. Keep on studying and don’t give up. May you all get the results you want.