Staying Present When You Feel Depressed | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

Staying Present When You Feel Depressed | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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In this video, Eckhart offers guidance in managing the relationship between our thoughts and our emotions.

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  1. This is a wake up call. I have been so unhappy after the death of my husband. I have few good days. Perhaps I am conditioned to feeling it is what it is? I do not want to live in unhappiness. I need to be aware and acknowledge that these feelings can fade if I stay in the moment of what I heard as mundane. Mundane is a stepping stone for the next experience.✌️😊

  2. Since recognising and becoming aware of my pain body, I can feel how it indulges, even loves, to wallow in self-pity and negativity — truly like being in the grip of addiction!. And now, instead of becoming completely swallowed up by it, I can be aware of its presence and say to myself: I don't need to believe these thoughts, I'm just in a negative state right now. It'll pass.

  3. I have this constant feeling of autumn and life slipping away. Looking back at the sadness in the joy of being alive. All that’s gone before, never to be seen again. Long days, crazy nights but now I feel the stillness and sorrow of the realisation that life is only how you see it.

  4. Elkhart is like the David Attenborough of spirituality!! Such a passion and love for humanity! Attenborough has dedicated his life to saving the planet and the animal kingdom! While Tolle dose the same for lost and weary humans. They actually sound a little like each other as well! Though David has mush posher dulcet tones 😁😉🙏

  5. Demonic oppression and when they are near causes this. I pray the St Michael prayer straight away. Instant departure and a lifting+

  6. I don't feel that I am enjoying being depressed so much as the depression seems to be trying to protect me, in some way, from trying things that I might fail at, which would make me feel worse, since for me, depression seems to be a deep feeling of hopelessness and failure. Anyone else notice something like this?

  7. Bonjour, je me sens triste régulièrement. La tristesse jaillit soudainement, je le sens directement, elle gonfle comme un ballon dans ma gorge et j'ai mail au coeur. Je suis consciente de la tristesse quand elle se manifeste. Elle n'est pas liée aux pensées. ET quand elle est à je l'observe, je l'observe, je l'accueille, je me couche, je l'écoute pendant un bon moment! puis à un moment je veux sortir de la tristesse, je souhaite continuer ce que j'ai à faire malgré la tristesse. Quand je l'observe elle prend toute la place. Eckhart Tolle explique t-il comment se libérer de la tristesse? Je n'y suis pas attachée, je voudrais la laisser partir mais elle se fige dans ma gorge. Si une personne peut m'aider, c'est le bienvenue! merci merci

  8. Feeling depressed lately. I'm very greatful for the teaching because I'm learning to disidentify from it. Thank you Eckhardt. I hug you virtually with low energy and a grateful heart.

  9. this man has enlighten my life with a t r u spiritual understanding of how to recognize the pain body from past be in the moment and then move go beyond to peace love and happiness for who I am now
    thank you so much fir sharing your universal spiritual wisdom ❤

  10. I don't think everyone "loves" unhappiness… but perhaps it's so familiar, that it's comforting. But I agree, no matter what or why, begin noticing the grief, heart ache. Thank you.

  11. conclusion:
    – observe the linked beetween your thoughts and emotion
    -once you observe the mind chatter that you realize it wasn't you, it was how the brain built through generation and society and becomes "wild"
    – the emotion of gut or your chest, this hot "machine" that stab the body itself body, and yes observe it even tho you're concious of your mind, try to observe and staying presence to avoid the negative thought fuelling the emotion itself

    -lastly , hear and see around you, don't ever judge or tag anything even the thought and emotion itself, you feel it just like it was so …. new to you, it goes the same for this world you see around you

  12. I guess this can only help if you are not truly depressed otherwise when you realize that no you don’t love this drama and that no your beliefs cannot change circumstances or cannot be changed what help is there but God alone?

  13. This is one of those things about spirituality that I've come to find depressing. I know it is possible to experience joy as in when you say "you enjoy this negativity" and sadness simultaneously, but it takes a very practiced skill beyond ego. I find this way you are describing it, as enjoying depression to be more like attention seeking. Because how could anyone enjoy low energy, lack of motivation and hope? If I was enjoying my depression so much, why go online trying to find cures (that led me to this video) to something I enjoy so much? With all due respect.

  14. Thank you for explaining the pain body arises .
    This is so easy explained.
    Trying to break that cycle.
    Thank you .
    And slowly being aware and hate it ,being sad.
    Thank you .

  15. My experience is that it goes both ways. First, negative thoughts spark the negative emotions and these emotions spawn more negative thoughts. Really, a vicious cycle until I learnt to observe them. Now, depression can't get as strong a hold on me as it used to be.

  16. An ongoing situation with an adult daughter who won’t discuss a reason with you creates an ongoing sadness, not daily or maybe not monthly but always there in your heart and psyche