Start Doing This RIGHT NOW! “You can use it in any situation”

Start Doing This RIGHT NOW! “You can use it in any situation”

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►Special thanks to Joanna McEwen!
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?SPEAKER: Joanna McEwen

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  1. All right that tells me The Healing Waters from experiments that they were going back in the 1800s that they magically got rid of actually worked. I'll bet you you can actually heal the body with sound

  2. E=Mc² is χξς(666)
    ΧΞϚ: (Chi Xi Stigma/666)


    ΧΞϚ: (Chi Xi Stigma/666)

    Islam: ٱللَّٰهُ أَكْبَرُ Allāhu ʾakbaru
    Egyptian: ? ? ?
    (Ankh, Wedja, Seneb )

    Atheism. ⚛️

    Hindu ?️(aum, ohm)

    Yin Yang, ☯️



    also, 666 & 777.
    (Numerically 666
    Gramatically 777)

    The – (E)nergy
    Makes – (M)ass {at rest}
    At a – (C²)onstant

    ? ꜥnḫ – ankh – Be alive (E)
    ? wḏꜢ – wedja – Strong (M)
    ? snb – seneb – healthy (c²)

    To have life -Vital (E)nergy
    ꜥnḫ (lit. Cause to live);
    evolves to ⲱⲛϩ; = (lit. ♪ohn/Oh/ohmn). Vibration.
    To have vital energy,
    (to be creative, created {caused to be created})

    Be whole, stability,
    have (rest)"(M)ass,"
    UpStrength. Sanctified.
    Sabbath Rest, whole
    (complete, 'sanctified'
    ones self, wholely)

    To be sound-/steady
    moving i.e. "c²" Speed
    of light² (life²)?
    Steady moving.
    (Progressing) To be
    sound. (Branch) expand, promote

    According to legend, Chinese characters were invented by Cangjie, a bureaucrat under the legendary Yellow Emperor. Inspired by his study of the animals of the world, the landscape of the earth and the stars in the sky, Cangjie is said to have invented symbols called zì (字) – the first Chinese characters."

    Brahma (ब्रह्म)
    (nominative singular),
    brahman (ब्रह्मन्) (stem) (neuter gender)
    from root bṛh-, means
    "to be or make firm,(E)
    ~We are Created.~
    strong, solid,(M)
    ~Sabbath established.~
    expand, promote. (c²)"
    ~Teach The Sabbath.~
    Hindu ?️

    E=Mc² is also 777:
    The Numbers are 666, but the definition of the words are 777. (Sanctified by keeping and teaching the Sabbath)

    Like God saying:

    -I made you. (E)

    -I Sanctified The
    Sabbath for you. (M)

    -Quickly, Keep and,
    Teach The Sabbath. (c²)

    The Antichrist system is interconvertable:

    Lucifer Did Not Create anything. Lucifer used
    God's ways, and twisted them to look like God.
    The Antichrist system,
    And It's Church, Will
    Look Like it's Christs.


    "Mutual alteration of the physical or chemical nature of a substance or entity."
    -Free dictionary by: farlex
    (Or, energy fluctuation, progressing into negative
    and/or positive sides are at an equal ratio…Yin-Yang)

    I would attribute this to the antichrist and Christ being indistinguishable. The good or bad energies of the two appear identical.
    (Because the antichrist and Christ looks identical.
    This is the fruits we know them from.).

  3. A was standardized across the world in the 50s as 440 cycles. A should be set to 432 consistantly with Phi, the golden ratio,the building of the pyramid, the earths 8 cycle frequency and the speed of light. Tibetan bowl frequencies are 432. It has been said that the 440 scale causes un ease( dis ease) and has been used by war mongers or satanists to create an unhealthy combative environment to keep wars of all sizes to continue. Family wars , race wars and discord at all levels of the people on earth. Like nails across a chalk board,are we purposely being kept out of frequency. Currently we understand a deep state exists. The push for 440 was by Joseph Goebbels for purposes you should investigate yourself. Fibinichi numbers guide all creation in the universe and 432 is aligned with this. When will music change to align us with the universe???

  4. While it is true vibrations can make you basically immortal (not really but you sure feel like you are) you have to spend at least 60 minutes per week immersed in sound, which most of us just can't afford to do.
    You need basically a room or tank, think isolation tank, that acts as an amplifier for frequencies. You're not gonna be healing any cells with a pair of ear buds or your laptop speakers.
    Best bet for plebs like us is a car with a good sound system but even that is financially unattainable by more people than can and is nowhere near as effective as a room or tank designed for the purposes we are discussing.

  5. I was very excited when I heard about Masaru Emoto's experiment. Unfortunately, he's no scientist and his studies actually revealed that his experiment did NOT work. He cherry picked the results, out of thousands, to find the preferred result.

    I still believe Tesla was on to something, but this guy is nothing but a charlatan.

  6. Can people send you energy? Like in Reiki or casting a spell etc?? I believe there is more than just what you yourself puts out and what comes back or what you absorb.

  7. Joanna McEwen’s speech is wonderful- I have listened to her full Ted talk so many times. I will never stop recommending it to my friends… What she talks about is majorly useful to us all.

  8. On the darker side, frequency is a very effective weapon and can be fine- tuned to a very specific "target" frequency, thereby eliminating most (if not all) "collateral damage". ??☀️

  9. Couple a beautiful and moving song with the observation of another person enjoying this same song and you will be able to fully feel the frequency of love that is always there, all around us. This is the residual vibration of the Agape Love that was the original catalyst for the formation of all things and now resonates within the entirety of all that exists. ?

  10. Every thing you just said , is the truth , from healing to all around better health for all Humanity . This method needs to be the forefront of the medical community . We have suffered enough . Peace , Love , hope and understanding , tod .

  11. Naive content .it's a tool not theory. Kinda astra in purana .If u people are talking about the Nicole tesla 369 u should understand he u this number as gateway. So it is a trick he implemented that to plug the abstract into reality I don't wanna explain everything it's take time in short note from my personal view is
    3=brith- life- death kinda cycle with different dimensions.
    6= balance (set of 6 sixes with also that connected abstracts this is incomplete but core the is balance in every possible aspect that u are encounter with.
    9= feminine energy is oppose to masculine energy
    I know people have application on this view but this my sincere approach from available data.

  12. Nikola tesla or any other dud not discover
    All this was enhanced from the aeoms of humanity man lady civilization science spirituality
    Ebergy human form is the energy bio meta form mrtrid to fofm the two points
    Use your hand your whole body distance
    Letters and numerals
    Segments of the fimgrrd
    You people that make these videos and the humanity man lady civilization science spirituality are plafstidt
    You are not authentic

    We are the cosmos no thing M humanity man lady civilization science spirituality in the now thing
    The all viscosity energy on planetarian plains dark and light

    Scious your tour sanity tuitively
    In man lady civilization science spirituality not to plagiarize your ignorance and stupidity
    We humans are a Flippin sham

  13. surprised you didn't address and stress the importance of 432 hz tuning (A = 432 hz). Virtually all music we listen to is tuned to 440 hz, which is discordant, not in harmony, with the human body, mind and energetic body.