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  1. What Made him a billionaire. 100000 people go to work everyday and can barely afford to pay rent and eat.
    There you go there is the formula.

  2. Jesus, this is what you’re focused on during this time when humanity is facing its greatest crisis since WW2? The ‘riches’ you are seeking are already within you. Why not go within, Be Still, and bring your Light and Love into the world right Now? This is the true wealth, and the way we can serve others.

  3. "Limit social media you'll avoid the inactivity trap," as we're wasting time on this video. "Money is freedom?" & "Relax?" This video has so many contradictions. No mention of putting God first. That's the root of our problems.

  4. 1: Visualise your success – This gives you Positive thoughts and encourage to go after your goals.
    2: Eliminate distractions – You'll do better work in less Time.
    3: Get a good Night's sleep – This sharpens your Brain and Boost Mood.
    4: Invest your money – You allow your finances to grow and create wealth over time.
    5: Stop complaining Sucess doesn't like dwelling: it likes Action.
    6: See a gift in every problem – You improve and learn important lessons for the future.
    7: Avoid wasting time – Time is money, Money is Freedom and freedom is Success.
    8: Set high self-standards – You'll built great commitments, momentum and results.
    9: Network with similar people – This will keep you motivated to keep going after your goals.
    10: Have focus thinking time – You'll see things clearly and you'll choose the best strategies to take action.
    11: Be goal oriented – It gives meaning to all the effort you put into your life.
    12: Let go of pride – You'll learn valuable information and act on it quicker.
    13: Have no device time – This helps to better digest what's happening in life and take better decisions.
    14: Remove fear – You'll take risks and get closer to your goals.
    15: Workout daily – This will keep the body strong to hold a strong mind.
    16: Learn more about your craft – Youll keep up with Trends and you'll notice opportunities faster.
    17: Monitor your credit reports – You'll prevent fraudulent accounts impacting your credit scores.
    18: Listen to others opinions – Wisdom can take all Shapes and Sizes.
    19: Take care of your employees/collaborators – This way you build strong and fruitful partnerships.
    20: Stay positive – Even the low times have something to teach you.
    21: Notice your breathing – You'll clear your heas to focus better on solving issues.
    22: Buffer time between tasks – This way you'll build a better overall performance.
    23: Learn a new skill – You'll stimulate neurons in the brain that will help you learn faster over time.
    24: Exhibit patience – Thos is the Antidote to Anger and Stress.
    25: Adopt cleaner eating habits – Your body will feel better and your concentration will improve.
    26: Show love daily – You'll release more feel-good harmonies and you'll be happier.
    27: Use affirmations – These organise the mind to help you focus on your goals.
    28: Never go to bed angry -Youll sleep better.
    29: Limit social media – Youll avoid the inactivity Trap.
    30: Reduce debt – Improve your payment strategy to avoid any financial chaos.
    31: Organize all your area's of your life – This way nothing will take you by Surprise.
    32: Read something fascinating – You'll improve your vocabulary and concentration skills.
    33: Give yourself free time – Success likes relaxed people, not anxious ones.
    34: Show more humility – Learning from others and admitting your mistakes help you grow.
    35: Grow with a group – you'll develop learning and socializing skills.
    36: Learn to listen – This way you'll maintain productive relationships that can help you reep benefits.
    37: Reconcile your accounts – You'll avoid fraudulent activity and you'll prevent Financial Statment Errors.
    38: Confide in others – You'll kell your soul and body Healthy.
    39: Outsource tedious tasks – This way you'll focus on the things that matter most to you.
    40: Eliminate processed foods – You'll feel more Energised by cleaning your whole body.
    41: Change your environment – You'll focus better on work.
    42: walk 10,000 steps daily – You'll stay healthy and perform at your best.
    43: spend quality time, either with Friends, with your Partner, with yourself – It will make you feel more content.
    44: Smile and be friendly – People will love being in your presence and you'll create more connections.
    45: Consult with your accountant – Your life will be easier at each step of your business journey.
    46: Ask for help – Others might know something that you don't.
    47: Be light-hearted – You'll make others feel good and you'll feel good in return.
    48: Drink plenty of water – Hydration keeps you healthy to go after your Success.
    49: Schedule "me" time – You need breaks to rest and super charge your batteries.
    50: Be time efficient – You'll add more hours to your day to go after your goals.

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