Stand Up – Best Motivational Speech (Featuring Nathan Harmon)

Stand Up – Best Motivational Speech (Featuring Nathan Harmon)

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Bullying – A Message To The Bully

Spoken by Nathan Harmon

Nathan Harmon is the #1 booked school speaker nationwide in 2017 & 2018, speaking at over 310+ schools. His message is powerful and clear: “Your Life Speaks”. Your life is important. Your life and voice have the ability to overcome every obstacle and every situation.
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  1. I got bullied to day I got punched in the face bc I wore a dress to school and now I’m scared and they made fun of me bc when they hit me in the face and then everyone started laughing and kicking me and I got mad and when I went to my next class and when I asked a friend for a pencil someone else said u can grade with a pencil and I said an really and he said really and someone else said why u have to be so rude and my fake friend said bc she got punched in the face and I wanted to start to cry but my friend he doesn’t even know me bc im the new kid and so is he but everyone know him he comes and makes sure I’m ok and he made my day but when I got him I got in trouble bc my face was ugly my mom and dad said and I’m cutting again and I want to die

  2. they always bullied me because i have a lot of imperfection even my parents they cant see my worth. im totally dont have a self trust. all i can hear from my family all are bad words and how bad i was .

  3. I am being bullied by my neighbors. They did so many bad things. AND THE worst thing is that police won't do anything because according to them there isn't enough evidence and that even if they did those neighbors won't stop.

  4. It's not just high school or whatever even adults become outcasts and are picked on laughed and ridiculed even some adults dont want to act like adults they would prefer to bully instead. Kids need to know this I dont think people should have faulse expectations on alot of young ones growing up thinking everything is going to be ok In adulthood the truth hurts but even in adulthood people get bullied we just learn to deal with it a different way . Faulse hope will damage them even more I was one of those people thinking after I was a kid it would all go away and I would live a normal life and people would treat me nicer I was not happy people lied to me I still get bullied as bad as I did in high school. People when they talk about bullying need to talk to a wide audience most people go through bullying In their life not just young people. Unfortunately I just had to learn to deal with it I dont have a job I just gave up my label stayed with me the weirdo I let people laugh ridicule and laugh with them because I've tried everything once an outcast I believe from what I've went through always an outcast even if I travel many countries I get the same vibe from people they all detest me and think I'm a weirdo my personality just shows through within minutes of entering a room and people are thinking nop not going to deal with that shes weird she doesnt think act like anyone else

  5. Oh my god! Thank you so much for this video it really means a lot. Right now my best friend had turned her back on me and has been lying to me. It really makes me feel so upset I cry everyday in the shower. When I tell her oh my days not gone so well she says “Well you know there’s people out there who is actually having going through stuff so stop overreacting” that’s when my heart drops. This makes me tear out everything. I haven’t told anyone yet. About this.

  6. The only thing you do if you are a bully, is bulling your self.
    Because, of course you maybe hurt somebody, maybe even really bad, BUT at the and of the day, you will be alone, and when you are alone, YOU ARE THE ONE that is crying. Why? Cause you trying bully someone, because your life isn‘t as good as you want it, you dont look like you want, or something like this.

  7. The worse part of being bullied is you have to stop just to heal yourself while the others that bully you just get over and continue to better their life. Because trust me, I can't overcome my trauma and bitter issues without being healed first