STAN EFFERDING: “Do it immediately post meal, AMAZING BENEFITS”

STAN EFFERDING: “Do it immediately post meal, AMAZING BENEFITS”

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  1. That's why I don't follow any diet that restrict me from other food what I try to do is avoid sugar but from once in a while get a scoop of icream, i eat occasionally seasonal fruits soups with lentils sometimes brown bread but I always drink hot drink before anything in the morning and after I sleep during the day it's tea tea water of course and acv. I walk almost 2hours a day and do yoga and some weight lifting arms legs , jump rope when u don't feel like walking and most important thing I use hypnosis for sleep. Those frequency used in online hypnosis did really help me to have a sharp memory it's amazing but also helped to sleep earlier than I used to I believe if you don't get enough sleep that's the major key to obesity and malfunctioning body. I tried diets all my life.. But I realized that they do not and it's So stressful. So have a good sleep help yourself with vitamins melatonin binaural beats theta waves enjoy a good movie a warm delicious fruity tea and have a good sleep never touch your phone as you wake up wait at least as your brain process enjoy the outside view have a warm tea or herbal I usually add a little sea salt and look at the sky .

  2. Red meat, sodium, dairy are the reasons why i have arterial issues. I disagreee wholeheartedly with stan. He also tried defending eating mcdonalds not having much of an ill affect on health so there's that as well.

  3. It’s all about protein and many other things of course. Some years ago, I did P90x and they recommend 50% protein for first phase which is a ton of protein. I dropped close to 20 pounds within 2-3 months. Yes, the exercise program added to that but I’ve exercised in the past and no where near the same effect.

    I also do the “10 min walk after a meal” thing, especially after dinner

  4. Why are eating sardines bad for you? I thought they’re REAL healthy. High in omega 3’s, CoQ10, protein, and numerous vitamins and minerals. Now this dude says it’s bad for you WTH?!?!?‍♂️

  5. Thank for the effort and the clip.
    @1:24 bs alarm hits loud. No your body really dont need egg yolk and red meat at all. Fruit in a right dosis and everything else plant based is the truth what your body really need to thrive and stay and look younger and perform better. Its completly nonsense to claim your body neeeeeds egg yolk etc.

    Walking after meal is right on and logic. If this person would be vegan , he would perfrom better and look better 100% sure. He sounds like a fix guru himself on that point with "your body neeeds" . BS . Do the right reasearch , get there and dont believe everything too fast.

    Thanks for the rest of the clip about movement and weight lost importance.

  6. Majority of the diet and nutritional advice came from a shill for the sugar industry Ancel Keys who didn’t practice what he was paid to preach. That’s why he lived long ,because his PERSONAL diet was OPPOSITE Of what he was paid to teach and preach.

  7. Love this?
    The key to changing body composition is consistancy…
    Small, tiny changes on a continous badis, will give big results in the end. Small changes are also easier to implenent, and one can always add small changes along the path ?

  8. I agree with a lot, idk about the bad quality McDonald’s food though, I mean yes you lose weight and BP improves but that garbage is just no good period for humans the shit that put that type food/animals through.

  9. Wow! Sounds like a lot of what I've picked up over the years, but with a lot more decisive necessities to really drive home what I've already started.

    I think I'll look into the vertical diet and find out how to incorporate that into the daily workout & strength-training plan I already have in place.


  10. He's wrong Skin is the largest organ on the human body not the muscle, good advice though on basic comprehension of losing weight. Stay in a calorie deficit, good amount of protein, and at least an hour in the gym if not a 40 minute walk.

  11. Lots of good thinking on here which makes sense…..but Sardines????? And walking after a meal? You eat and your body needs that energy to properly digest etc, and hence you go into Para Sympathetic Nervous state……rest and digest if you like! By walking after a meal you throw yourself into a Sympathetic Nervous state is my understanding and then out of Homeostasis . Please can you shed some light on this Stan .