Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Shares How Compassion Can Stop Wars And Transform The World

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Shares How Compassion Can Stop Wars And Transform The World

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  1. When people don't need teachers or gurus we will have evolved to be more than human.
    Divinity (Diving the Truth) will be in each of ''US'' with the ability to teach Our True Selves.
    People who need gurus are really lost & are really Sheeple, not relying on their Inner Light.

  2. I,m watching the video shared by gurudev ji.About how can stope the ware. Very. Important knowledge we r received. T.u .jgd. ❤️?❤️????????❤️?❤️?

  3. Thank you for sharing with me you are bringing out a lot of issues that we are facing the main one is learning how to show love the right way the proper way and that can easily be accomplish really through everyday living

  4. Just simple acts of love like telling someone thank you and that you appreciate them for doing something that's nice for them just simple acts of love like giving someone a beautiful smile being polite and respecting one another's all kinds of ways during our everyday actions with one another being kind and generous and appreciating each other yes a simple kind act of love complementing one another not being jealous but taking that jealousy and turn it into a compliment

  5. Real love people can feel true love especially when they're so much turmoil when you have real authentic Love From the Heart and that's what motivates them they can feel your authentic love what motivates them

  6. It,s very big and serious problem front of our world. Russia and Ukran war. How can handled and helpful to gurudev ji stopping the war. Tu jgd. Ji??⭐????????❤️???❤️??

  7. T.u for conversation about stopped the war. And changed the world. Spride sath love care and Peace.T.u . ?⭐?????❣️?❤️???⭐❤️?????? jgd ji.

  8. Very beautiful session is meditation and more importantly knowledge about war and peace. T.u all Post we r received. T.u.jgd ji. I????❤️??❤️?⭐???????

  9. This time is very bed. Russia and Ukrane war. They fight and creates more problems for poor peoples. Every countries wants to be stopped the war . Brings a peace. And save the life. On ours planet. T.u. Jgd ji. ??⭐❤️???❤️?????❤️?❤️

  10. Much love to Guru Dev, and those watching this video! Q; Was the sound feedback from the Audience turned off – or were they truly silent in the presence of Sri Sri? ?????????