sometimes you need your feelings hurt so you can wake up and focus on yourself…

sometimes you need your feelings hurt so you can wake up and focus on yourself…

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  1. Ya I am putting myself out there and it's not going to be real so I'll take on a bear I take to many risk to get nothing I trusted to much so I will end it now before I get hurt more. . and have to much courage I try but I know I will be let down I don't let myself others easily That's what let's me down..I have been to many mountain tops on my own..

  2. Sometimes, "existence" hirst your "feeling" to show you neither exists. It's jut a giant cluster fuck of abusers trying to climb on top of each other to get to "the top" to be "king" for no reason other than to shit on everyone else still trying their hardest to climb, even though in many cases they are climbing further, and harder, than you ever did. Don't kid yourself, children, just because you got what you did doesn't mean you aren't another "brick in the wall". You aren't special, you just got "lucky", and lucky means you sold.out while knowingly leaving everyone else out. Fucm your "Lucky Stars", you known what Nemesis from Redsident Evil said, "I see stars", and he hunted them, and he hunted them for a reason, because they were betrayer that conformed and partook in maintaining the status quo. Don't act all "holier than thou" just because you have attention and money. Us working class or poverty level people are suffering to give you what you have.

  3. I'll make new friends if I have to and restart another job. I want my family together. Im not sure if I make sense, from reading a few comments everyone vents here. I miss them. Maybe im over thinking it and letting stress, stress me out. Have a nice day everybody.

  4. Desire, Dedication, and Determination. Establish what you want to do and having passion for it, the commitments that you must do and will do because there is always a price to pay, and still having that fire inside of you to not allow or let disappointments to discourage you along the way. It takes a lot of discipline and focus that we can't imagine but we know we can do but actions will be our results.

  5. It is not a fear that holds us back, it is doubt.
    If for example we take what Tesla about, vibration and frequency and translate that into graph then clear conclusion is that fear is lower on scale than doubt. Doubt could somewhat be translated into judgement. Before you disagree, i'll explain why. Take principles of duality, good/bad, onward/backward,… everything in this linear space time has polarity. Yeah, there are also many shades of grey, despite having black and white, but that's not the point here. Shades here could represent different pace one moves trough duality or whatever really if we find right context to it. When we doubt ourself, we judge who we are, with,… i can't do this, i'm not good enough, i'll fail… which fall on negative side of spectrum. And funny thing is, we choose to be like that, why? Why do you speak in such manner to yourself inside your head or when you are around others? How do you know you'll fail if that possibility is merely one timeline inside this infinite quantum pool of all posibilites called universe? What if you yourself is causing to move on one where you fail just because you've said it and as such you also believe it.

    Breaking it down even deeper, we could say that fear is 3 dimensional, where judgment(doubt) is much wider, or rather deeper when it comes to meaning, we could also say 4th dimensional for sake of conversation because this way it's easier to measure up something against anything else. That's how our brains work if you ever experienced psychedelics you already understand that it's hard to navigate trough something that has no directions, but is also organized in a way we can't possibly understand yet.

    Hurt feelings are clear sign that something bothers us within ourselves. …yeah, possibly fear, but one has to go very deep into anxiety or worry to experience fear. At some point this behaviour becomes habit and it's very hard to get out of it. Especially how we decieve ourselves, as JBP talked about.
    When it comes to doubt, there's plenty of that. Doubt of failure as person, father, brother, head of company or group, you name it…
    What i mean here, more you judge yourself, more limitations you put on your whole being. External world is reflection of who you are internally.

    To get out of this magical circle of self judgment, as you already know, have a plan, it doesn't have to be much, but at least should be achievable in days or weeks. However, here's a catch, don't set a reward to be of external nature, like if i do this in two days i'll buy myself this or that. It's ok on short term, but don't make it habit. Make it internal, be happy for small achievements you do and step it up when ready. Happyness isn't a product of something you do, it's who you are.You can choose to be in a happy state of mind or sad state of mind. It's a goddamn choice and if you must repeat it daily in front of mirror as many times as you feel.

    Life sucks because you believe it sucks, it's all about perspective. You can either wake up and choose to do something different than yesterday and stop feeling sorry for your ass because its a mess or whatever or you can either go back to old habits and do nothing about it. Your choice, nobody gonna hold a gun onto your head.
    For example, instead of saying how you don't have time to workout, why waste time checking fb or insta for god know how long because you're bored. Get your shit together and workout, even if that's for 20min, and next time and next time. Step by step this small changes will turn into habit and eventually you'll love it.
    Don't let results hold you back, even if you don't see them right away, everything you do with your whole being, it adds up. Or idk go learn a language, or get new hoby.
    All it takes is first step, when you are doing it, you're already halfway there.

    When you build in silence, people don't know what to attack.
    This one is deep and so true. But that doesn't mean you should always build in silence. Surround yourself with people who support you and talk positively about who you are, your goals, etc…
    They are ones who you can share your work with, they will support you. Tell you what you don't see from your perspective. They will add up to your progress and you can in return give back something to add up to their.
    Just like misery loves company but so does the sucess. As painful as this is, to create better life:
    -YOU HAVE TO TAKE PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR LIFE WHO DON'T WANT YOU TO GROW. Sometimes that's family, girlfriend, you name it… yeah hurts, but loving yourself is your first priority. If you can't do that, do you expect that world will love you back?
    -YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT ABOUT YOUR OWN LIFE CHOICES BUT SOMETIMES YOUR PEOPLE SEE SOMETHING YOU DON'T. It's wise to listen opinions of others, you are not obligated to live by them tho. So, would you rather be always right or progressing for sake of yourself and possibly others?
    -YOU ARE ALWAYS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE. Even tho you aren't married or have kids till 35, why should you care? Is it a social norm or a rule you have to follow? No, honestly, fuck it. Don't care about it. If you are not ready, accept it and when the time is right you'll know and get to that point.
    Or when people tell you to have stable income and job and place to be. Why? If your hobby gets you enough money and you love traveling, go for it.
    -BE CONSISTENT AT WHAT YOU ARE PRACTICING. Working out 8 hours in one day won't bring you results, working out daily for "x" minutes will.
    -HAVE A BREAK. You don't have to work every day like a crazy person towards your goals, think of your focus as a muscle. You can't expect to have infinite focus if you just started on days or weeks ago. But here's a thing, longer you are into something, easier it gets, less focus you need for same outcome, less energy you use.
    Take breathing for example, after so many years, do you think about it, do you focus on your breathing? Well, unless you do something that involves conscious breathing, like pranic, then you do, but most of the time it's automatic process.
    Also, playing games on pc, xbox, ps isn't defocusing action, but just the opposite. Take a walks, read books, listen to music, do power naps, stuff like that. You know what i mean.

    If you apply above mentioned tips in your life i'm sure it will get much easier in days, not just weeks. But you have to be conscious about it, about change you want to create. Because if you don't want it, it's worth nothing. You are merely lying to yourself.

    I could talk about this whole day and people we listen daily speak exactly about what i wrote here, just with different words. Thanks to universe and to them, it's a great motivation, but at the end of day, motivation eventually runs out.
    What we should look for is INNER DISCIPLINE, use that motivation as fuel to discipline yourself towards better life.

    You know, i have to admit it, but when first heard these words and though about them deeply, it hurt, i was triggered. But hey, guess which sentence kills most dream people have?


    Peace and love

  6. I enjoyed the video. That said, I wish you'd put ads at the beginning or ending, because it distracts from the message, ultimately diminishing the impact. Keep up the great work. 👍

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  8. Have goals because goals give you a purpose, a sense of direction, they add meaning to your life. Follow your dreams until their realization. Do and learn as you go, keep in mind that progress will guide you, progress is what counts, not perfection.

  9. We all have our own hearts desire, our obsession, that "thing" we want bad enough…….only way to have that is go after it. Decide. Yep, might get your feelings hurt, maybe fail, will take some real commitment……but if you don't give up you will get there. Failing should be no more than a lesson learned;
    doing what you need to do is work, but…….but through
    the process, comes progress……and what you are chasing after. Stay strong, stay in the game…
    How ya gonna know if you don't go the distance?
    Thanks my friends…be blessed!!!