Solo Ads Podcast – Ultimate Guide To Funnel Hacking With Russell Brunson – Igor Kheifets

Solo Ads Podcast – Ultimate Guide To Funnel Hacking With Russell Brunson – Igor Kheifets

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I grew up fat.

And weak.

So fat and so weak, in fact, I couldn’t do a single pull up in school. And even after I lost 20 pounds in high school, I still couldn’t do a single pull up.

Not a single friggin’ pull up.

Was it because I wasn’t strong enough?

Too heavy maybe?


I could easily do 100 push ups.

One pull up shouldn’t have been a problem.

Turns out, as I later found out, I’ve had a belief which held me back. The belief I couldn’t do a pull up which stuck with me since school. I wasn’t even aware of how it gripped me. It turned a fairly simple task almost any teenager could accomplish into an insurmountable feet.

I shifted this belief.

And I was able to do one pull up.

Then one more.

And another.

Soon I could comfortably do 7-10 pulls up in a set.

I smashed through my own mental glass ceiling.

This taught me – your beliefs are everything.

And the one belief which holds marketers back is:

“I’m not creative enough” or “I’m not smart enough” or “I’m not original enough” or “I’m not ____ enough.”

Feel in the blank with your own flavor of lack.

Thing is though, none of these are true.

Creativity, IQ and innovation aren’t prerequisite to making six figures online.

Uh uh.

Russell Brunson proved it when he admitted he “Funnel Hacked” his way to a seven figure business during our recent interview. He confessed he ethically borrowed all of his successful ideas from his competitors who paved the way by figuring out what works.

Stream the new episode of the List Building Lifestyle to discover Russell Brunson’s funnel hacking blueprint now.

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