Simple Philosophical Principles to Magnify Your Impact | Robin Sharma – MasteryTV –

Simple Philosophical Principles to Magnify Your Impact | Robin Sharma – MasteryTV –

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This season of enforced quietude offers you an amazing chance to pull back from the busyness and build yourself into a genuine hero. [Treat this time as a laboratory to deepen and upgrade your dedication to personal mastery].

And as you become more valuable, you’ll be able to deliver more value to your customers and marketplace. And this will make you “of a rare breed” of performers. And human beings.

And the more you grow, the more impact you’ll be able to have.

And this will eventually make you indispensable to your field.

And then—while other people fall victim to their doubts—and other businesses close, you will rise. And become even stronger. And of more use to the building of a brighter world.

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  1. "Discover your destiny " by Robin Sharma I read that book is too good I awakened through that book .Thank you sir beautiful words u explained in that book for 7 stages of self awakening..

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing content.
    1.letting go – one of best to do while you are on depression .
    Let go of people let go of past let go of everything that haunts you.
    2.Move on( do the action)
    3.dont wait ( you don't whether you will have tomorrow).
    Be calm – understand these . Let go .letting go move on moving on don't wait

  3. Robin, I love love love your new book the Everyday Hero Manifesto. In my opinion, after reading most or all your books it is your masterwork, your David, your Sistine chapel. If you don’t put out anything else, your masterwork is out in the world. But don’t stop producing, please 🙂 I enjoyed your training back in 2013 but this book, it is the life guide of all life guides. Your friend – Scott

  4. Hi Robin,

    I've watched your videos and have been inspired by you for years now. You've chaged my life immensely.

    I'm particularly facing a dead-end with freeing myself from a couple of narcissistic people who are powerful in society and are energy vampires. Can you please make a couple of videos on how to free myself from such negative, toxic people. Thank you.

    Bangalore India

  5. Hallo Uncle Robin sharma.
    I am Madhuki from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
    I am 13 years old.
    I like to read your books.
    My favorite book is readership wisdom.
    I read it again and again.
    I like to talk face to face with you.
    God bless you.

  6. Thanks sir for more knowledge your 1 book the monk who sold his Ferrari ..
    It book have my friend one day I was read that book I am very inspiring that time sir
    I started searching you
    Finally I search you
    I am very glad happy sir

  7. You start my morning before i teach my online exercise classes- and i absolutely love it – – – thank you so much – – -!!!!! Just about to log in now after listening to two videos – – kimmyfitness 🤟🏼🙏🏼

  8. Haven’t seen you in a while my mentor. Thank you for your words today ❤️🙏🏼
    “No one knows what tomorrow brings”. I’m keeping this one

  9. Hello, I'm new to Bitcoin trade and investment and I have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

  10. Hi, Robin! These mastery sessions are really incredible, thanks! I have been suffering from social anxiety and inhibition lately when I talk to someone new, particularly when I am offered to a job interview or other kind of professional talks. Could you please, provide something useful to overcome it???

  11. Thank you so much for being here 🐬 and just sharing all of your insights and thoughts about how we can live a more meaningful life. 🙏 I read one of your books way back about 10 years ago and it catapulted me into a better version of myself. Now that I've found you again I will try and catch up on your content. Thank you for all that you teach about 🙂

  12. Wow… Robin Sharma…… I love the character Julian mantle which you had used for the books… Ive read some books of you which turned my attitudes and personality way more better than I was… I inspired the character Julian mantle from the book the monk who sold the Ferrari… Such a beautiful book ❤️📖