Should I Ask For Help? | Eckhart Answers

Should I Ask For Help? | Eckhart Answers

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Eckhart discusses the spiritual practice of “true asking”, the power of asking questions, and the transformative practice of self-inquiry. Discovering the answer to the question “Who am I?” is a profound journey, and often, we find that what we seek lies within our own consciousness.

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  1. i asked for help when i had worst and darkest days in my life – i wrote to eckhart email and as long as i'm not a member i didn't get any advice or help

  2. Love it!!! Who am I? Well I'm certainly not a body, I'm not a name, I'm not a job…these are things my ego believes I am but really I am Spirit…I am energy, frequency…even the atoms that make up my body are not solid…they are over 99.99% empty space with electrons firing at them _at _ 1/100th the speed of light (which is energy) so I'm over 99.99% wave and less than .001% particle yet we believe we are is an illusion of the ego which only gets pierced through attaining deep presence….

  3. The search and the object of the search are one.
    If you are looking for yourself, the looking is yourself.
    Consciousness is the looking.
    You are looking for God.
    You are it.
    Thanks Eckhart.
    22 June 2023.????????????????????????????????????

  4. The godfather of habit building, William James, wrote:

    “To change one’s life:
    Start immediately.
    Do it flamboyantly.
    No exceptions.”

    Because our time is finite, there is no reason to wait. In fact, there is every reason to begin. When you decide on a change you would like to make, ask yourself: what is the first step?

    The entire vision of your ideal future is actually a series of first steps. They just happen to come one after the other. These are all moments you initiate. One little step at a time.

  5. I used to call it "paying attention to myself" when I was younger and never heard of a mystical teaching before. Maybe considering it in those terms will be helpful for some people. Meditate on your own awareness.

  6. ………….. REmember …..
    Eckhart doesn't teach us, he simply reminds us of what we already know.. To remember, to re enter the membership. To REmember!!!
    Thank you dear sweet Eck ❤????

    My mind was racing… Racing .. I could only hold presents for a moment .. How long can the dark mind stay with the light .. 5 seconds .. Yes … 10 seconds, it's better, 20 seconds, barely. Just holding presents for 30 seconds was too much light for that dark room of thought!
    Can I focus to obtain consciousness and hold it for 30 seconds? As much as my mind says NO ….. I can!

  7. Als Kind hatte ich diesen natürlichen Zugang immer wieder gespürt. Es war total interessant wahrzunehmen, dass es "aus / in mir heraus schaut". Ich liebte es. Ein unglaublich schöner Schutzraum. Als erwachsene Person hat sich meine Wahrnehmung verändert. Einheitlich. Es ist das Leben, das ich bin. So nenne ich es heute. Kein Anfang und kein Ende. Wie denn auch ????

  8. Thanks v much for this, asked for help for my Brotherinlaw to be comfortable, to be released from physical pain, am being quite but also falling asleep alot since a recent surgery so it's why I asked for help. Thanks for holding a space of presence for him. It's a comfort to know even in sleep God's awake