Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan, PhD – Animated Book Summary

Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan, PhD – Animated Book Summary

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  1. Yep. That's why a dog humps your leg… Cause you're ovulating. Good grief, what is wrong with people? And how do we have a closer relationship with primates than Indian elephants have with African elephants? Get a life! It's time for you to get off the books and get out for a change.

  2. Any time you use "evolution" as a basis for your foundational assumptions you loose me on your so-called "research." And of course someone who denies the authenticity and authority of the Bible does not limit his willingness to interpret it. Wow.

  3. I'm very interested in meeting up with a top and I'm very serious about having a good time and I like to suck cock and swallow and I'm a bottom wanting company I'm in Beulah

  4. Here is the thing : in Europe there is NO WAY women could produce more calories than men because of the environment. In the winter the females would have to stay with the babies when the men where gathering resources

  5. This linked video talk is deeply revelant. Polyamory is violent to the vast majority of people and promoting it is a horrific act. We do not need to act on every natural urge, nor is it ethical or advisable to do so. Promiscuity is dangerous physically & emotionally. It should be a red flag for an individual needing therapeutic intervention, as opposed to glorified.

  6. Assuming pure evolution occured. There's completely unexplained evolutionary steps like the Cambrian Explosion. 550 million years ago aliens landed looking for the Kardashian's fat asses then realized they hit the wrong button in their time vortex.

  7. I'm currently reading this book and every page seems to bring out something interesting. It would be really unfair to try to summarize it and/or try to discredit it. If you are saying these ideas would hurt traditional marriage you are missing the point. Why is it that in churches the divorce rate is about the same or worst than in our secular culture? The point is that children aren't ever raised by just one father or mother however much we want to force that belief. These indigenous cultures already raise their kids communally and so there's no need for divorce or marriage. The idea of marriage in our culture is part of the isolation paradigm that is actually the cause of the destruction of marriages. We live in a self defeating system, us Americans.

  8. Why is this Clip blocked for adult only? It is the most harmless little Clip and it should be shown in scool to understand who we are. Thank you Chrystopher Ryan. Amazing book. I have read it several times. Feels all so true to me. Love THOR

  9. I am confused about two things. If anyone can answer my question, please answer.
    1. If i see my beloved wife sleeping with another man, i will naturally feel jealous and betrayal and if my wife also love me, then she will also feel guilt because she hurts my feelings. we humans dont want to hurt our beloved, right? in this same way if i sleep with another girl i will feel bad for my wifey because i am hurting her feelings and i know she will be jealous. thats keep me away from having sex with another girl. This is the foundation of monogamy and this is why i think homo sapiens became monogamy in a natural way due to love and jealousy irregardless what society says. Whats your opinion on it?
    2. We all know Early homo sapiens used to live in small bands and they were rarely mixed with very large groups of homo sapiens in their life. So how do they avoid having incest? As we are living in small bands there are no option other than having sex with your own mother or sister? how did they avoid incest?

  10. sex has never been only about reproduction among humans. ancient religions created temples of sex rites consequently ending up in pregnancy but all babies in result of the sex rites were merely disposable in fire sacrifices and buried immediately but worship was merely new and vast sex positions male and female prostitutes and achieving orgasms. swans are monogamous. lol dolphins are funny creatures.

  11. I do want to read this book. But From my very limited knowledge of the thesis based on limited talks with people who have read the book, I do have a reservation that there are some naturalistic fallacies going on. The naturalistic fallacy is attributing the rightness or wrongness of something based on what has existed in nature. There’s all sorts of extreme violent behavior, even against innocent children, all throughout our evolutionary history, but that says nothing about the rightness or wrongness of it.

    I’m very glad that the narrator of this video points out not to make this fallacy very eloquently. But the people I know who have read this book go so far as to say this tells us what is right and wrong and what we should and shouldn’t do.

  12. Starts up demonstrating that monogamy is not natural and it hurts most people. Ends up minimizing the logical consequences of the idea and declaring monogamy is still a good choice.