Science And Consciousness: A Conversation With Lothar Schäfer

Science And Consciousness: A Conversation With Lothar Schäfer

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  1. Sure seems like it in my experience. And I don't say that with a smile. The whole world is changing so rapidly into one big community that knows it is one big community. And that has consequences for us all. And not only pleasant ones. Good, maybe. Pleasant, not necessarily. A lot of dissonance hurts. Resonance is swell tho.

  2. The Ice Age did not create "jumps", it was still the identical process of evolution!
    Your optimist view about a new human being driven by cooperation already exists, however the systems in place will never allow it to flourish.
    Look at 5000 years of recorded civilization!
    Also, the methods of controlling perception and actual reality are so powerful now that George Orwell's future has a much higher probability!

  3. The world as it stands in front of you, and which you access it via your experience, is created by your mind and consciousness. If you want a peaceful world filled with kind people, have no doubts of it happening in your mind. And the best testimony to having no doubts is to be one yourselves. The kind people that you want others to be, you are. What you are not, you can't wish for others to be. When you are, some people will follow your lead. Start with your own mind. Have no doubts of the vision of your ideal world. With enough people sharing the vision of your world and having no doubts about it, and setting an example of themselves, your ideal world will be created. The challenges and difficulties of this undertaking lies in all the deep-seated defilements that lies latent in our mind stream. Doubts and negative emotion (which if not consciously brought under mindful awareness, may translate to negative actions downstream) are caused to arise when the necessary conditions are present. And in the course of your daily living, you should know by your own experience how often such defilements are caused to arise in your mind stream. These 'disruptions' caused us to lose the 'momentum' of creating our visioned ideal world. Its like taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Worst is taking 2 steps forward but 3 steps back. But if you practiced diligently and correctly, it can be done. That is what I have gathered and believe at the moment.

    However, all conditioned and caused things are impermanent. Your visioned ideal world is also impermanent as it is caused to be by your mind. Ultimately, we still have to transcend the impermanent world which are essentially illusory in nature. That will happen when you see that you are not your mind, which is also caused by conditions, such as from contact by our sensory organs with the external stimulus which generates our sensory consciousness and in the process created latent imprint (memory) which will feed further future conditions to sustain our thought stream in our mind, much like a never-ending movie played within our experience. When you realized you are watching a movie and is essentially not the actor inside this movie, you are the presence and totality – un-caused, un-touched, un-judged, the un- of everything that is in your thought and mind but the is- of everything that is beyond your thought and mind.

  4. Wow. I am looking for more information and people talking about this Evolution that is occurring right now. Does anyone know any good sources of this kind of talk?

  5. Darwin's thoughts on the development of species is very analogous to the physics of Newton.  From a macro perspective they are workable and seem to be accurate. However at a core level, a quantum level, the development of species is based on consciousness and intention.  A "quantum feedback loop" I believe exists between consciousness and the ongoing DNA re-coding in living matter.   That consciousness and intention being realized presently in an ever growing number of people, is beginning to create or manifest itself as new human reality.  Subsequently over a relatively short period of time, a new human "species" will emerge.    

  6. It's all different kinds of energies; one can become a habitual about the kind of energy one uses to deal with life, health, and happiness. Everything we eat, drink, think, do, whatever involves the use of or the creating of heavy energies or light energies. The energies within fight mental and physical illness's; the old energies must be expelled often and new energies brought in to continue the fight. The way in which one expels old heavy energies is to move and keep moving exercise or whatever. But if old energies are not expelled they will; they will just get heavier and heavier and become more involved and more in control. Move with purpose in life and if you need a reason to keep moving make your life that reason.  

  7. The fun thing to think about is if you woke up everybody the whole universe would end. Since you are the universe and everybody is you.  There would be no universe to experience the universe.  So this is me reminding you and myself of that.   Now who am I really reminding of this fact? Ahh awakened paradox, who would have thought that one up but myself……….OM

  8. Unfortunately, George Carlin's prediction that we will destroy ourselves may come true. But, if you believe in Tolle's teaching, would it really matter? After all, the entire species is an illusion. But, on this plane of existence, there is still hope. Humans are known for "rising to the occasion" and avoiding extinction. This jump/leap in evolution could very well happen, with all the stress on our world that is taking place now. According to the vast majority of the civilized world, the U.S. is the biggest threat to peace and human existence. And, with what we are seeing from Washington, DC, it's only getting worse. It will take something like a revolution for us to change the course we are on. Tolle's teachings aren't usually featured on the 6 o'clock news, but millions of people are awakening around the world. If enough humans follow teachings like Tolle offers, we may yet overcome the tremendous negative energy and survive.

  9. Havent we always "cooperate"…but never talked about it? because today we think we fight and talk about the cometission all the time…but we all know its not like this?? Maybe if we start to talk about what really happens we can see the "cooperation" to…

  10. It would be really nice if Eckhart Tolle invited scientists who strongly disagree with him, and are open to debate. It tend to be a lot of group thinking in these types of spiritual communities. I love Eckhart with all my heart, but I also believe that the scientific method is important, and one important aspect of it is to combine opposing view, not alligning views. 🙂 The first time I see a scientist in his video is when ET finds one who agrees with him, it may sound obvious but behind it is a systematic flaw in which communities grow more and more seperate.