Sailor Went From $200 to $90,000 Within 4.5 Years In The Military (Finance) – MasteryTV –

Sailor Went From $200 to $90,000 Within 4.5 Years In The Military (Finance) – MasteryTV –

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$200 to $50,000 Video
Long time no see.
I’ve been extremely busy and will continue to be for the next several months. In the meantime please enjoy this video + i came by to say hi.
In this video i’m going to be sharing with you the mentality I have when it comes to money. By no means is this a formal video with lots of effort to really deliver the message, but it’s definitely worth listening to.
I’ll leave a quick summery of what I talked about below, for bit more details watch / listen to the video.
Reminder, everything i’m saying and sharing with you is my opinion based!
1) It’s All About Skill. I graduated High School 2012 with no cash, i left for the Navy, 2015, with $200 (no cash). What changed from then and now? Skill.
2) Money Is Purely A Game: Take Your Emotions Out. Just like any game (super smash, chess, basketball, and etc) you have to understand the money is also a game. The more skilled you are the better your chances of winning.
3) Choose Humility. I personally don’t think i deserve anything except the claim to life. I don’t deserve the things i have, position i’m in, being in the military and that perspective really helps me understand what i should be doing with my money.
4) I’m Crazy About Money, But Not Greedy. There is a fine line between the two. I’m crazy to the point I track on excel down to the penny where my money goes. Greed is dishonesty, lack of honor, and etc. Some people i know will lie, cheat, and steal to make money, but still somehow remain broke.
5) Lay One Brick At A Time. If you think about a thousand dollars, some people refer to that as a “Brick”. I like to think the same thing. I’m trying to build a 10 million dollar net worth and i need to be very patient and cautious with how i’m building my foundation. I’m very carefully deploying my cash (laying) thousand dollars at a time.

Hey! You made it to the end here. Thank you for watching and/or reading.

Minimalist Sailor
Frugal Sailor
Yoon Kim

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  1. Are you trying to maybe invest that money into a buisness again at some point or like to invest in getting some properties?
    I’m curious because I’ve been in for about a year and me and my husband want to invest together to get to a goal

  2. Great video. Once I enlist into the Air Force, I want to have at LEAST 20K saved by the time my contract is up. I have about 20K in debt to pay off. 13K student loans and 7K of Stupid debt I built up. But I believe I can pay that all off and still save 20K in 4 years of being in the military.

  3. Copy that, you've had very insightful and informative videos about recruit training/boot camp. This is also extremely important being that military veterans REALLY do need good advice on handling their finances; it had been a long time since you've uploaded thank G-d your'e doing well 😉