S2S Podcast Episode 336 A GOOD BISCUIT

S2S Podcast Episode 336 A GOOD BISCUIT

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People often want you to be involved with the bad decisions that they make consistently. Immersing yourself in their way of thinking can ultimately diminish your future. In this episode, the guys talk about making decisions to sustain the heights of success from making good decisions.

18:41 – Don’t ever think something is to big or small to pray about. Don’t play Gods role trying to dictate what he will or won’t do.

34:12 – You made decisions that will not support growth in your personal or financial statues. Jemal explains that making bad decisions will lead to more bad opportunities. We have the power of choice to make great decisions. If you’re struggling to do so, surround yourself with people who produce in their life.

43:12 – Can’t be sympathetic towards others who want your blessings but not the system to help the situation their in. It can be challenging not feeling guilty about helping people who need it. Fight the feelings of unfortunateness for it can hold you back from reaching greatness.

1. You attract people who make good decisions when your consistent in making them.
2. More good than bad opportunities avail themselves personally & financially when you focus more.
3. Just because something is given to you, the work still needs to be done to be successful. If someone blesses you with an opportunity to grow personally or financially, don’t take it for granted.

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  1. 29:27 I just melted! 💕 💕💕💕💕
    Glory to God! 🙏🏾🥰🤗❤️🌸💕 I’m telling y’all it was just last year or 2 years ago when I realized Dr. E.T. is a Pastor like he keeping the sheep too like bruh 😎 I love God! Big Periodt!🗣

  2. The joy you're bringing to our community is so beautiful 💗🙌🏿✨ I'm glad your blessings are returing to you. Thank you for reminding us of the power of prayer and the love God has for us 💕😍

  3. Two Words, a massive feeling.. THANK YOU! Gratitude is all I can say! Thank you for existing, thank you for helping me getting stronger everyday! THANK YOU!!!

  4. I really enjoyed 🫀what you said about take the full blessing 💰🙏🏼about receive all of it because when you only take half you’re actually hurting you ⏱and disrespecting God when you have to go back again and ask for more💯😊👋🔥🙏🏼

  5. To death due us part principle is in the Bible but not in plain words. Romans 7:2-3 and 1 Corinthians 7: 10. There are others that qualify. Glory to God!!

  6. Essential should be paying for that sponsorship! I literally drink it from seeing y’all…I looked it up after and saw the quality and then got it!

    I was giving something (course)…but for me that gave me the push I needed to confirm what I felt I needed to do…but I invested in myself first which put me in the position to be invested into. I will keep pushing until I am successful in the goal. I agree though a lot of people need the sweat equity them self.

    Great podcast!!! As usual ❤️

  7. We are the product of the decisions that we made in the past. I think many people lack the built to reflect and be self Aware that’s why they keep going the way they do . On point as always guys 🔥