S2S Podcast 337 Don’t Spend Your Freedom

S2S Podcast 337 Don’t Spend Your Freedom

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The decisions you make today shapes your current situation, future, & other peoples destiny that are directly connected to you. Making good decisions comes at a cost of sacrificing your wants in order to fulfill the needs of the goal. While making bad decisions births consequences that can prolong the process. Listen closely as the guys discuss the mindset, clarity, and focus level needed to obtain & sustain success.

17:15 – People don’t really want success. They just want the appearance of being successful. What does success mean to you? Once that is identified, study an execute the routine needed for achieve it.

25:53 – You are not solely successful just being around someone. You’re successful because of the information you apply. We must be willing to apply the information received from others living the way we desire to. Don’t deviate from the blueprint that was given, for there are no shortcuts.

48:05 – Don’t care about the time it takes to obtain something. If you truly want something in life, focus on the steps needed to be taken in order to get there.

53:01 – Jemal breaks down the difference between current, future, and generational cost. What decisions can you make to impact what’s ahead of you for the better?

1. Be continuously dedicated to studying and perfecting your craft.
2. Understand the full process. If you don’t know or fully understand, ask for clarity to walk effectively in action steps.
3. You would be further along the process if you didn’t look at how long it’s taking or worrying about others people thoughts about your journey.

There Are NO Valid Excuses As To Why ANYONE Should Be Living Their Life At Less Than 120%

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  1. I needed this today! Thank you ? When Mr. ET said that the world 80/90 is cotton candy. As someone who has to work. There is so much truth to the misconception of the process. The myth of little work on social media. Thank you ???

  2. DeDe super helpful like…"Call me of you need anything else" ??? Then took over the naming of the segment. ? High "D" / Pilot in the house! That was hilarious.

    I want to hear E's side now. I think his defense would be DeDe has an unrestricted house/remodeling budget

    I just heard E's side and it makes total sense. I love how he's handling it, too. Looking forward to August!

  3. "OKAY OKAY OKAYY! Nobody wants to be honest??? You can count on me spilling truth. This was an Medium Level Conversation. Now 19 Keys you always provide the Sinkhole so we can jump into a HIGH LEVEL CONVERSATION. I feel like The Brother Randall didn't want to tap into what is known to be truth. I PERSONALLY BELIEVE THAT you should bring on ET THE HIPHOP PREACHER on to a High Level Conversation… He's a OG in the Game, He's experienced a fair amount, and also i get off the vibration that He's willing to dive deeper than usual DESPITE that yellowish-greenish light (Lime Light) . That should be exciting" This is my exact comment on my brother 19 Keys last video. I think J U S T you 2 should connect and talk some high level conversations, by just being yourselves and spilling out your own knowledge WHILE learning from another Black Man . All Praises. I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THE CONNECTION .

  4. Eric have to watch that one dude who said it’s like steph is gon now that E is gone now you can put up a shot. I promise you y’all think this negative but it’s something there that I felt in the beginning and that comment confirmed it ?

  5. Some people like the idea of someone coming and recusing them and making their life better without having to do the hard work. The problem is this solution is temporary and ultimately will not lead to long term success. Thanks for the info drop guys ?.

  6. CJ does a person who reached “fame/success” by faking it till they make it, make your “fame/success” any less?

    What is success really mean to you? And why does it effect you so much that someone else’s version of success looks different?

    If your message is genuine and true, you shouldn’t have to fight so hard to get it across. The people who are meant to hear it are gonna hear it. Energy is well spent on that rather than the people who will never hear what you have to say because like you said they don’t really want it.

    Why does that bother you so much?

  7. Very authentic! Cj & Et had great point of views. In todays digital world people want things too easy and fast with less work put in. Society definitely made this happen but each man/women must chose if they going to choose the road less traveled or take the path everyone else is taking. The choice is yours but we all know the saying “easy comes , easy goes”

  8. You forgot to check to see if it was plugged in because you were too busy being mad at your kids for something you taught them to entertain themselves with probably because it’s convenient. That’s todays generation right?

  9. My hand hit the dislike on ACCIDENT, I’m glad I noticed it!! I love y’all!!♥️♥️
    But uhhhhh—why DD ain had an upgrade???? (I’m just a few minutes in) that’s foul!! Get DD a 2023!!!

  10. 50:51 – One man's obedience is connected to so many others destiny… that quote right there and the branches example… pure ????… imagine applying that to your family… I can't wait for ET & Company to host an event in Diego.

  11. This episode is sooooooo good. CJ was going in but totally relate to his opinion and always felt like “ if it takes this to be “successful” y’all can have it. People are definitely hip to the false illusions and the “buy a class “ people that are not genuine but see God always reveals truth. Really great episode as the reminder I cannot avoid the work or go around it. Just put my head down and do the work!