S2S Episode 338 Visions and Decisions

S2S Episode 338 Visions and Decisions

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Decisions are made daily whether they’re good or bad. Becoming an effective decision maker is sum of having a vision while executing actions that support it. Prepare to become encouraged with principles to make better decisions daily that not only effect your life, but others connected to you.

15:45 – Your life is a result of the decisions you made or didn’t make. Are your decisions congruent with goals you want to accomplish?

23:01 – Saying things with energy, having it written on a board doesn’t guarantee something will happen. Those things should drive your decision making. Evaluate the actions needed in order to achieve the goals you desire. From there, make notes of the types of decisions needed to bring the goal to fruition.

29:01 – Work on your vision, that will guide your decisions. A strong belief in your vision should provide consistency in great decision making. Make it a habit to view your vision and goals daily.

35:01 – Independent decisions are individually driven. Keep the team you’re working with involved. You can reach great heights of success alone, but will reach higher levels of success with a team.

51:45 – Great decisions are courageously made. It’s most effective when it’s made quickly & has the best interest of the group. Energy an effort is needed to execute the decision that’s made.


– Build credit with others from decisions you make. That credit could be either good or bad.
– Position people better with your decision making. Push and help people to reach greater success.
– Must be willing to sacrifice, be consistent, and courageous in good making decisions.
– Don’t contradict yourself! People will put pressure on you to hold your statements accountable.

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  1. Apparently Lowes don't know how to act right. My friend just had an issue with them and replacing a washing machine that was defective. She said the customer service was horrible and is never buying from them again 👀👀

  2. Looking forward to seeing you on other folks podcasts! 😍🎉😍🎉 pls visit Jay Shetty! I feel like that would feed my soul and touch so many ppl across different lines 🙌🏿💖🙌🏿💖

  3. Yo that is so weird my wife and I are listening and I literally said “we haven’t heard any jokes from CJ’s son in awhile” and she goes “oh yeah he did do that like every episode” then not 10 seconds later you guys call him!!

  4. Man I can not agree more than I already do , one decision didn’t mess your life up but if you made a series of bad decisions then you are in the position you are in now as a result of that . I always appreciate the way you guys break things down 🔥.

  5. I am a bad decision maker. Today I woke up knowing that something needs to change. I've been paralyzed for eight months, Learning to use my phone without my hands, Learning to ask for help and use my voice. For years I would say it's all about your mindset. I have it set in my mind I won't be paralyzed for the rest of my life this is only temporary. #DecisionMaking

  6. Talking about it, and putting pressure on myself is a huge problem that I did not realize. Because when I don’t follow through, or slow up, I feel anxiety because I am going backwards and was talking too much about it. I appreciate that

  7. It’s interesting that you’d say that yours wife is hesitant in decision making but real talk, a lot of men, in their insecurity, ask women to be less than who they are…. Note that you’ve worked things out, you want her to be her own light and brilliance…. No shade but this is the quantity that too many in our community deal with regularly. It would be great for people to appreciate that women actually have great brains, instinct and talent as well…our whole community would be better and stronger