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Robin Sharma

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Bestselling author of 15 books (including The 5AM Club), globally celebrated leadership expert and philanthropist. His work is embraced by rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs.

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  1. When can we influence one another we are all good. And capable of remaining good & continue to seek to be a better person. Iconic in my field ? I am a Voice, I have touch over 100 thousands but I am not the one anyone ever wants to remember. I operate machanical machines to assist people to breath. But each everyone taught me an amazing skill called GRIT the well to live. You do not need to be a millionaire to be steadfast and to the grind. If had made to that stage to tell my story & say I was not even given the thumbs up to enter college. Why? B/c of disabilities. So I proved some wrong with BS degree. Let's encourage growth! Let's encourage set backs are meant to move us back into position on the path we are meant to be falling. Mr. Sharma nails this. We knew then & we know now but there is a gap for so many that gets filled with more & more ugliness via ever direction. We must learn our traumatic, loss & struggling has an underlying growth. But to encourage the sad times are the lessons that build strength as lifting 500lbs over our heads is daunting. We support the gains. Then everyone avoids or runs when you fall. What we teaching? Open this up. Grant the hugs, secure each other & give time well spent to our good folks who are in pain. Avoiding, Denying them is beyond ruthless. Learn to listen, learn to forgive, learn to support, raise them up to see hope again! Amen

  2. Thanks to Robin Sharma. I have been following his advice for many years now. Following his footsteps, I am able to publish a book, which I am now releasing as audio-book chapter by chapter on my YouTube channel. Audio vlog of the 1st chapter titled Success = Rising Up (One Last Time) is due to premiere in less than 20 minutes. I look forward to your blessings and support. Each day a new success mantra will be shared through audio-book on the channel.

  3. Robin Sharma is all time favorite.Morning begins with him on internet. I,a retd. judge,a practicing counsel at 67,derives energy, to go through hectic schedule of the day …World Class concept is a great quality indeed but continues endeavors may yield to success.I would like to follow…l have recommended Roby to others ,who nodded heads for satisfaction…Obliged Robin. Adv RameshDada Patil,Satana, Nasik…

  4. You are going to jail for hacking my YouTube and I'm going to make a report they're going to run your phone because I have all my happy New Year stuff on there and this is Robin Truitt the real one