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The Picasso Story on Mastery – Robin Sharma

So this is the story a lot of people have been asking me to share. It reminds us that success is less about natural talent and more about hard work–and relentless practice. Hope you enjoy it!
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  1. It is really great except for that last part about Lance Armstrong! This extra 1 % was   found to be blood transfusion. But still great human…gave more to the world than what he took. 

  2. But its true that people who have a better background are prone to success. That is not saying that us ordinary folks cannot get there also but it is A LOT harder. Children of private schools are spoon fed information since birth,their brains are more advanced due to their teaching being outstanding. They excel in many things sports,arts and academics. That is how they a bought up and by the end of the primes of their lives they a almost perfection in comparison to the hard-working student who is so drained that they can barely pick themselves after it all. Its a sad reality 🙁

  3. Robin pay attention cause in less then 8 mins you talked about 2 heroes of yours that are in fact thieves and cheaters: Edison and Armstrong are probably two of the biggest liars and dishonest persons who ever walked this hearth. Not very convincing examples to me.