Rise Above – Incredible Ambient Ethereal Instrumental Music to Study Relax or Meditate

Rise Above – Incredible Ambient Ethereal Instrumental Music to Study Relax or Meditate

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“Rise Above”
Album: Abounding Ambient
by Fearless Motivation Instrumentals

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  1. Rise Above


    You ever wonder at times if you're doing what you were meant to do, or what was the meaning of life, what is our purpose as humans, what's our end goal, where are we trying to get and what are we trying to reach, what is beyond death and what gives life, who created this universe, bodies of water, green lands, the stars and sun, the animals that roam about, where did it all come from and how did it all start, what am I doing what's my true purpose, well the truth is the answer to all these things is jesus christ, hows that, our purpose is to serve him to be more like him and to give him glory, do you ever feel stressed or have no rest, patience runs low, you get frustrated easily, you feel down empty antisocial, that's satan's empire and we wanna tear that down, we wanna break every part of it down to the foundation all the way to the rock which is jesus, and we're going to build his kingdom up from there, we'll be set free from evil, we'll have hope, love, joy, peace, and purpose, you'll wanna go out in the world and spread his kingdom and what he has done for you so that he might be able to do that for others as well if they accept him, our end goal isn't an end goal but a reward to live an eternity with christ and to praise him for giving his life for us so that we may have opportunities to reunite with our creator our father our guidance our God, the one who is perfect in knowledge and wisdom
    The one who knows all, this is our purpose, he is the one responsible for all living and existing things, he gave you life, he gave you that family friends loved ones, he gave you those blessings, honor him and find favor from him, sacrifice yourself and life for him, take up your cross and deny yourself, take his strength and help, take his joy and love and write it on the tablets of your heart, bind it around your neck and dont loose sight of him, don't fall short of his glory no longer, and if you do get up and get back into his presence, dont be hesitant the longer you hold off the harder itll be, so hold fast to his understanding and will, deny you wants and want his want, make his wants your wants and pray for his wants to become your will, take the leap of faith and trust in him with all your life no matter what it looks like because if you seek him truly, you will be victorious always and will crush all you your enemies and conquer all your battles through christ, to fear God is to despise evil, so fear him, his power, his judgment, it's not to late yet, theres still time for you and I for all of us, ask for his mercy before it's to late for when that white thrown of judgment is upon us nothing will be unseen, he will make known the unknown, show the unshown, and judge feircly, but if you believe in jesus christ and give your life to him all he sees is the blood of christ because he paid the price for your sins, now you decide for yourself what you wanna do, if you wanna sin against him or serve him, where will you stand, will your name be in the book of life, woe to you and take a deep look at your relationship with him, how sure are you that you have this eternal life with him

    (Think about it)

    Starts 4:50

    I have a burning passion for the lord, turning back this time I'm on guard, got his word and it's my sword, and I'm willing to fight and let his light shine through the lamps of my soul my eyes, deep within see compassion for him and his people, turn from evil no more, build gods kingdom start on an anvil, that's my heart, work towards a village hill, that's the city of people lost afar, anything that's not rooted in to this world, be pulled out from the earth, be pulled into gods magnetic force, our majestic lord, his prophetic form of art let it flow out of me, it was bundled up, once was hardened now a tunnels dug, the time is now the bells rung, you breathe into my lungs and I sing this song with love, you sent your only begotten son so I could be reunited with you, returning to you, you retuned me into a tune that cant help but write a story, life is shortly coming to an end, are you too coming when we go to heaven, think about it, give your life to jesus and dont doubt it, he'll frown upon that bc he deserves you be allowed in, if words can move mountains then why do we say such unmindful things, that's our hearts foundation and in it a life springing fountain, shoulders up no more slouchin, imma grouch when I see satan, get away from me you ain't takin what's been given, I'm so driven like gods takin the wheel and says here we shall fill the void with hope with meaning with his powers gleaming and seaping out out of all of us, sealing off our eternal life, an eternal fire that resides within, its bison (lol) its got a hold on me, and i will tell anybody what you've done for me, Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days, so I can make it through this reign, imma gain all his favor, strip me from this evil fever, give me peace and your burning desire,
    Be inspired no hieths are to high cause god has hired you and jesus paid the price for you, I'm a walkin talkin reassemblence on lock on top for jesus, wont give up wont give in, you've given me this blessing and I just wanna reflect back all your glory, I dont want it, keep me humbled dont let me stumble and if I do like a bumble buzz, make it click in my mind and get my sights on you,
    Take me out of this antisocial bubble that's kept me concealed I want to feel the presence of your feild, god I yield be my sheild, your words in my heart i weild it, keep it, hold fast to it, faster than a flash of lightning, you lightened me and now i seek after you, so glorious a light beam, the paths a tight squeeze but i push on give me the strength like push up, I feel the rush of your energy coursen through me, i just want to show everyone what you've done for me bc you could do it for them too, times 2, the time is to short, to close will you cut the cord to sin and finally live or keep giving it power, ahh gods power is like a raining shower you've seen that like in Noah's days, no I'm not afraid I take this stance with his guidance hes my pilot, tell me what's the plot, I'm the passenger i kick back and read his passage then when it's time i fulfill his will, it spills out of me like someone flipped the open sea, the ocean waves of gods glory is around us cant you see, will you be swept away and consumed in his glory or will you live for sinful satisfaction that leads to a gory horrid place, why when you could be in a beautiful palace made of white and gold as you wear a red robe and worship him on his white throne, I just want the picture to be known and shown dont fold and go ghost but recieve the holy ghost and get the chills get the feel recieve anointment, all of us are on deaths appointment, so open up your heart and arms to him, recieve his blessings and his promises, I promises it's so worth, dont hide in darkness like a gopher, naaah go for it, its our destiny entitled to us by our heavenly creator, who only holds the true title GOD, like a jumping frog take the leap of faith
    What am I on, I'm on that jesus vibe and i love jesus christ, I got a hunger that cant be filled with beans cheese and rice, it's got to be the word of god, its mine I'm greedy for it and you wont strip out of me even at the end of time, I'll share it with my loved ones, yeah I know I've done some wrong but I've been forgiven cleansed and made strong, made on that jesus foundation, I found sanction to give it my all and all these problems all have a solution they arent equivalent to him, hes the king of kings, hes the one that breathes and brings forth life, I'm all for christ for the rest of my life.
    For me you died, bc of you I'm alive, imma dive into your gospel after this, the only matter is, I need you to show me what chapter to begin, we will begin this together, your the building blocks the setter and I'm the follower so lead me wherever father

    Still workin on it