Reprogram Your Mind Through Affirmations | Marisa Peer

Reprogram Your Mind Through Affirmations | Marisa Peer

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Marisa Peer talks at Mindvalley University, Tallinn 2018 about the power of words and how important the language of the mind is to our well-being.

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  1. I started watching this video as preparation for what I thought was just another sales job interview and I ended up uncovering and healing old wounds and forgiving myself in the process. I have had the healthiest cry and gave myself the most genuine hug in my entire life. This is a sign. I don't need to get out of sales to be happy. I am already happy because I am more than enough. I will get this job and it will give me the feeling of purpose I have been craving and I will help others experience this! Thank you!!

  2. Question 4 Answers Roy Mathiew, former Writer / Copywriter Editor Answered December 20, 2018 The way I see it, the Mind is not mine nor anyone else's. It seems to be a greater consciousness / intelligence that you can tap if you get into the right frequency and 'you' can't be there for it to work – you as an entity, an ego, only gets in the way. If you've lost your "self" while in a meditative state you'll know what I mean. Meditation brings your brainwaves down to lower cycles, which seems to allow us access to this greater intelligence, much the same way the ability to tune a gadget to a specific frequency gives you access to radio and other signals. This is probably why the phenomena of people who are "in tune" are able to see or hear other beings besides us humans, that function at different frequencies. As for mastery, it's an ongoing process – not many can claim that except fully enlightened beings. 349 views Answer requested by Czarek Plotczyk 00 You You are very beautiful. Sex does not show. Pipo Motorcycle, Sprite, Spiderman, I love you.

  3. Question Originally Answered: How can I become a master mind? You may become a master of your mind with a lot of self-discipline, but you will always be thinking about "I am now a master of my mind" and all the reasons why "I am a master of my mind". This is why people talk about "self-mastery". The mind is a trickster. You will never outsmart the ego. The intellect too is an even trickier deceiver. The only way to true self-mastery is to live through your heart. The heart is our conscience which is always attempting to guide us. The heart is the seat of love, compassion, feeling, intuition, etc. The mind is dependent on ego and intellect to process our past experiences which influence our thoughts, actions, and reactions. We live life through our opinions about right and wrong, good and bad, our likes and dislikes, etc. 4 11 000 Beautiful, bright, Czech, Samiti, Pupipo Motorbike, Sprite, Spiderman, I sincerely love you.

  4. Vo) 4G + 03:26 d OO Watch The Preview For This Masterclass INSTANT TRANSFORMATIONAL HYPNOTHERAPY WITH MARISA PEER mindvalley masterclass What You'll Learn 1. Experience a LIVE 20-minute Rapid Transformational Therapy Session with Marisa Peer Designed to awaken your brain's ability to recognize. negative beliefs and repattern your mind for a greater career, better relationships, increased self-esteem, and more (this is the same technique Marisa uses with her private clients to trigger instant and deep neurological transformation). 2. Feel the Deep Inner Transformation The Moment You Awaken The Next Day This is a "Model of the World" Shift. Meaning the type of transformation that leads you to 'waking up' and viewing the world in a different way. Marisa is known for healing patients with ONE session rather than making them come back over and over again. (NOTE: we can't guarantee how long the feelings will last. But for many people, it leaves a powerful new mark on their lives as they see the world in a unique new way.) 3. Discover the 8 Beliefs that Separate the Top Performers from Everyone Else This is how record-breaking Olympians, high-flying entrepreneurs, and award-winning artists think and show up – and you'll be surprised at how easily you too can apply these thought models to your daily life, and dramatically enhance your productivity, focus, and tenacity. 4.Expand Your Vision for Yourself Stop settling, as Marisa explains how to lead an uncompromised life -a life where you enjoy success, abundance, and freedom without having to wait for years. and learn why your total breakthrough in all areas of life is just eight transformations away. 5. Understand the REAL key to breakthrough in – ANY – area of your life. This makes changing your results and transforming your life as easy as changing outfits. Clue: It has to do with removing voids that we take within ourselves as children (mostly due to suppression of love). By the end of this Masterciass, you'll have permanently installed the mental model so deep within your subconscious that you can't help but show up in the world as your most confident and whole self each and every day. About Marisa Peer You Beautiful sexy show Samiti Pupipo Motorbike, Sprite, Spiderman, I sincerely love you.

  5. Thank you so much my mentor ,this video is powerful and am very excited that finally it has hit me.Indeed you are the most powerful best therapy in the world .I believe this speech of wisdom has already change my life because from now onwards my habit is to praise myself a lot everytime .Besides ,I am feeding my mind with positive thoughts to gained a better health which I deserve

  6. I love this woman I've been worried about not having money for Dr and hospital bills and my sweet husband who has cancer I'm listening to this beautiful lady the tears are falling and I'm peaceful for the first time in a long time thank you dear one bless you!☺️🤗💖


  8. I'm working with being on with death. It's a natural thing, for me though and others, except for my kids. Since I started to look at death stoicly, my fear of flying went away…

  9. Dear Marisa
    I would love you to do do something for an inflamed prostate or prostates generally.This affects an awful lot of men,at the moment me included.I was diagnosed with CPTSD from abuse and linked thimgs may have caused it.
    I am however doing what you said now.It does make it easier.

  10. It sounds great but in reality I've noticed when I set my mind on the worst case scenario and have my expectations the lowest possible any other outcome cheers me up and looks like a small victory which gets me relieved. Try to explain this, Marisa!

  11. The power of words use them with love , use the words like you would use and see water as you are in a hot desert, you feel thirsty with pure gratitude and grace towards the water as in to the words the same

  12. I use words at evening hours not to over eat, i am so proud of myself for not choosing food that will cause me to gain wait then feel guilty, i am so honored with my power to love and respect my body i will choose to drink water at night and not have bags of chips or candy

  13. If i make a mistake its ok just like i forgive us and i forgive myself for that is divine and i deserve to be merciful to myself for i owe it to god i am his beautiful creature

  14. I have a question. This has been in my mind for a while, I'm Portuguese, living in the UK, I speak the language fluently and I feel like the affirmations in English make more sense than translating to portuguese but…. A friend told me I should do the affirmations on my mother language which is portuguese. I don't know what to do…
    Hope someone can help me with this. Thank you