relax, they will miss you when they can’t replace you…(the ultimate motivational compilation)

relax, they will miss you when they can’t replace you…(the ultimate motivational compilation)

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  1. This video has a lot of inspirational positive messages and it is very helpful but what ruins this video is that you put in tons and tons of commercials so as your hearing something and getting inspired you have consistent commercials interrupting the message that is being conveyed to you

  2. This is for the person in rehab hospital. I spent one week in trauma 2 week in rehab hospital. Basically shattered body head to toe, I did exactly what therapist instructed as many times a day as I could. I refused to ececpt my condition, 40 months later I am still struggling but ill never give, I can do everything prior to accident except running, I could if I had too though. Misery is very difficult to deal with but you'll get stronger if you keep grinding. Set goals my first goal was to wipe my own [email protected]#. Sounds crazy but that was it. Good luck always someone more miserable too that's what I always told myself. YOU CAN DO IT. drink lots of water

  3. "when you attach your happiness to an outcome based on time, that time will never come" This is wrong because my happiness is tied to my personal growth, not other people or items but with what I can make of myself, and that time will come because it doesn't have to be significant it only has to be moving me forward. If you improve yourself by one percent at something you love everyday that will be 365 percent better than the year before. Keep up the grind and let your happiness reside within you even if it takes time.

  4. my loves, success ???

    Forget the seductions which are lost, which are stolen, which can stop, which can be devastated by an earthquake, flood or storm or lack of health …

    seek security and eternal gratuity! DID YOU LISTEN TO JOHN RAMIREZ'S TESTIMONY ON YOUTUBE ???

    So do it! and you will see that nothing is more important than … I let you listen to this testimony, you who understand English!

  5. be aware of your worth!

    because if you think like this title, realize that it is not you that people love, but the interests that you can bring (which means that as soon as you are no longer able to give these interests , we will no longer love you! and this is not love for the other, but love for the interests!)

    you are loved and this, whether you are useful or not !! many people miss you! you are loved for free! therefore do not go looking for a false love!

    you don't need to worry about whether someone is missing you or not if you advance further in inner perfecting and devotion to God!

    Because then you would know what you are worth (that is to say the price of the life of the King of kings!)

    You are supposed to have confidence in your values ​​and no longer stoop to worrying about your ego and your narcissism!

    Is a prince or a child afraid of using himself in the refrigerator? No! he is family, he is the employee who is afraid of being scolded if he eats what is in the refrigerator because he is not part of the family! you, do not act as an employee but as a child of God! be free! be happy! because you are loved!

    and you are very expensive !!! And because you are a prince of heaven and a child of God, believe me, many people around the world miss you even if you don't know each other yet!

    Don't limit yourself anymore! Go further in personal growth! Surpass yourself in unconditional love!

  6. Day 2 of listening to these motivational videos every morning when I wake up.

    Helping me with my separation and being alone in a new home. Stay strong everyone

  7. I'm 31 now. I can't say much about my life. I am so much in love with what I do. However I do feel low because most of my friends are within their families and loved ones. it happened to me that I don't care anymore what I think of myself or what people think of me. it's my life I live it the way I want with love and peace to God.