Quit The Wrong Thing Now

Quit The Wrong Thing Now

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  1. Excellent! Your videos helped me realized that I am naturally a High Performance person. I noticed I have been quitting of things that doesn't let me move towards my dreams, every time faster and faster. I have just decided that soon I'm going to quit my corporate job to start something of my own. I'm grateful for the opportunity but I have this feeling that it's not aligned with my life purpose anymore. It feels wrong to stay in there for me. I need to reclaim my time and energy back to develop the skills that matters. It feels good to feel supported! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for putting together this video. I am currently moving into a new stage of my life and wanting to change careers. I have been with my current company since I was 16 (over 7 years) I feel like there’s a wall blocking me from moving on. This video definitely brought clarity into the situation and said a lot of things I couldn’t find words for.


  3. Examples of really hard decisions ,
    Jeff Bezos when he quit his Wallstreet corporate job in 97 to start Amazon.
    Bill Gates when he dropped out of/quit harvard to work on Microsoft.
    Mark Zuckerberg when he dropped out of/quit harvard to work on Facebook.

  4. wow, that sounds like what I just went through. I quit my corporate banking job of 18 years to become a freelance writer ah! Scary! And everyone keeps telling me that isn't a real job and I can't succeed-which unfortunately is starting to bring my motivation down-but this video brought it back to life! So glad I came across your knowledge-thank you!

  5. This is such a good video, I am so appreciative of his positivity and knowledge. I am astonished at how often I listen to him and am able to feel understood and a new level of growth. Thank you for these videos.

  6. 🦋quitting is hard, when I left my brick & mortar job I used to close my office door to cry -change is hard but nothing good came from comfort zones

  7. I honestly want to thank you for sharing this video from the bottom of my heart. It is scary and terrifying to be alone but yea your right. Thank you more power to you. ❤️🙌

  8. But if what you are doing feeds your family and helps them go to school and keeps a loving family afloat, then the pride in caring for your loved ones far outweighs any misery you feel at work and you can die knowing your life blessed many people … Your family… Remember it's not always about me me me me… The me society creates a selfish society.

  9. Thank you Brendon. Wonderful messaging, great research and resulting insights. Loved training with you organization for The Habits and The Charge. Cranking along now without really knowing what I'm doing but my heart and soul is 100% connected to it! I care less about the great job, I care for the legacy.

  10. My current job is most definitely a “sacred cow”. My challenge is I’m very close to retirement and I have a responsibility to my family. I am doing the wrong thing for fulfilling my dream to be a writer and photographer. I want to double my income and work less hours. I need more personal freedom since the kids left home. It’s tricky.

  11. As I was listening , I was visualizing the movie Big with Tom Hanks . The end scene where he suddenly walks out of his presentation . He suddenly realized that he doesn't want to stay big . His heart wanted to go back to his real life.

  12. I absolutely love seeing your silliness @ 10:38! These videos have been helping me so much…. Your message, your enthusiam, and your unrelentingness are motivating me through my current life season. I appreciate your principles and conviction, thank you for your work!

  13. Omg. Thank you Youtube and thank you Brendon. I have heard (audibles) high performance habits couple years back and that there started a journey of self discovery, what i want, where am i, whatd next. But this, this hit hard because im very indecisive and you know what, thank you for reminding me i dont need any ones permission, step out of my comfort zone, take that risk and be happy. I love my job, im a caregiver, but i have reached the top and im ready to move on. Go on to my next project. Thanks Brendon. GO GO GO!!!