Prince Harry Opens Up On True Story Behind Death of Princess Diana | Life Stories

Prince Harry Opens Up On True Story Behind Death of Princess Diana | Life Stories

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When Princess Diana married Charles, she had no idea that she married into a nightmare. Following her messy divorce, Diana was seen as a “threat” to the Royal Family… And when Diana’s sudden accident shocked the world, 12 year old Harry was forced to bury his emotions and follow the rules.

Angry that there was no justice for Diana’s car accident, Prince Harry’s grief almost ate him alive.. Until one night, he exploded. Now, Harry opens up about his painful past and the truth behind why Diana’s death contributed to Harry and Meghan’s decision to “step back” from the Royals…

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Want More Inspiring Life Stories?
At Goalcast we want to inspire the world to reach their dreams by sharing powerful and inspiring speeches and life stories from people around the globe. We partner with the best speakers to share their powerful messages that will change your life.

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  1. Harry she's dead do you get that she is dead she traveled most the time she wasn't around you anyway get over it you're you're in love with them a make believe memory or dream get over it and don't bother the queen consort because it wasn't her fault they never loved each other when they married get over it

  2. Charles and Diana ultimately made their own choices. Both very good people, however very incompatible together – and Diana tried to compensate for her disatisfaction in marriage by stealing the lite from Charles and becoming the powerful centre of public attention, whereas Charles returned to his old and very compatible object of love.
    Harry also chose a very incompatible partner in marriage, manipulative and contrilling to the point that she stops at nothing to have her way and gets what she wants – Megan is likely to destroy him, and in the process she will create many threats to the Royal family and Monarchy.

  3. So choices? Harry, stay in the past or move forward with your future. Son making same mistake his father made. His father stayed in the past with Camilla and look what the cost has been. Now, King Charles choices has repercussions. Harry if you really want to leave your family and live a different life, then live it and move on but be at peace with your decision. Don't stay in the past. Learn from it. Build a better life for your children. Your mom would never want you to be separated from your brother never in a million years. So find a way and forge your new life with diginity and respect for your brother even if you can't forgive your father for what he did to your mother and against you. Remember William also has been hurt by a Father's betrayal. Hold on, mend the rift. Your relationship with brother is worth it. Your mom never would of wanted your bond with each other broken. This all is on your Father. His mistake by being weak and lying to himself and taking vows that his heart was not in. He didn't have the courage to stand up to the Queen and the firm and fight for Love so he settled and passed to his children a dishonorable legacy. Learn from his mistakes and don't expect your brother William to walk away from His responsibilities. Remember, he married for love also and did you marry for love or rebellion against your Father? You made your choice and it has been a hard choice just like your Dad. He did the same and it set the course for disaster for him but ultimately for your mom who lost her life. Your father should of lived by his choice and honored your mom but he is selfish, weak, and not a good role model to his kids. Break the cycle. Stand with your brother. Don't you think your mom would of wanted that most of all. You brothers can work your relationship out. Your Father needs to stand up and confess he built the family on a lie and a house built on lies can't stand. It is his doing. Don't throw your brother away. There is hope.. even for those things that seem impossible.

  4. Harry we believe everything you say your mother always be with you and God never forget Carmela and Charles what they did to your mother and the Royal they have to pay for what they did if in this life or another I was there like I hate England my husband was in the Air Force so son always tell the truth sooner or later they're call slap themselves upside the head and the truth come out It's already started charge hes using his double color in his face see the picture

  5. Harry nobody break you that's what's your decision you have to fight and fight harder Charles make a mistake with Camino go public and and that 4 gives the public some of the public to show his color with Carmela and Carmela and Carmela there is a pictures of her harassic Diana basic Diana I hope you know that Charles is already losing His temper see the pictures when he turned out king he was upset about a little ink goes in his finger God-bless you and God be with you and I hope your mother with you too you need all the help you can get and and the people really love I really love you don't forget that there's lots of people loves you and love your mother and I hope Carmela and Charles get get what they deserve oh by the way Harry Charles have a kid and he already is give your father and Carmela trouble You wait and see cause hes fighting for the troll he think hes the 1st born from Carmela and Charles and he should be in The Prince of Wales not Willie so so wait and see my friend the truth going come out love you always

  6. ? Diana and Harry ,Empaths surrounded by the darkness of narcissists (and their enablers)who fear the light and being exposed. My heart still aches for Diana all these years on , I felt more grief at her passing than that of my own Family members . Stay in the light with your own little Family Harry ?❤️??❤️? x

  7. I'm for 100% behind his decision to break with this toxic RF! If you know at least a little bit of their history British people should stand behind him. British people are in my opinion so totally blind for their RF! I only speak from Harry's point of view and have no opinion about his wife or their relationship. Royal family's in general are only taxpay eaters ?

  8. Harry it's good you and Megan got out from the royal circus.
    Did the queen confess on her death bed who killed Diana and Dodi.
    Charles and Camilla you are not fit to be king and queen consort.

  9. Any child that had their mother replaced by a step mom, especially one that kept pushing your mother aside would understand the pain hatred these boys felt. Camillas karma will not be good, she will only be respected by family and other family intruding woman.

  10. There is also some food for thought – if Princess Diana really cared for her two sons (let alone her husband), her conduct with other men, her lover, her strange sense of dressing, etc, all these tell a different story (couldn't care less attitude!). A really loving mother will surely conduct herself with dignity, we suppose!

  11. It's awful the way the media have treated him he is like his mother he mixed with us the people and showed that he cared as for Charles we all know what he's like a selfish bigoted upper class snob we the people mean nothing to him I don't believe a word the media say

  12. Never mind Harry…. Having your moms picture in your room is as good as having her around… I am sure she is with you & yours & Prince Williams family all the time…. Talk to her once a day to feel her presence……

  13. Why do you lash out at your father and brother Harry? You are guilty of the same doing the same as what you are accusing others of. Why share your bitterness with the world and humiliate your family? Share your pain and hurt with your therapist and forgive, and then you will become the man you so desperately want to become.

  14. It's the worst things to ask child not show emotions the killed this boy and I think that's why he is rebellious against this royal families and their traditions it's terrifying to this child that time and no hugging no kissing it's disgusting that's why everyone loved Diana

  15. Its not nice to judge
    But prince harry grew up with a complex since his father was disappointed when he was born ….prince harry should live his life as he pleases ….his father(prince charles) taught him well as charles i is a good example of living life as he pleases himself ….
    We all miss princess diana….R.I.P

  16. Good on you Harry. Media is controlled by Royal family protection who post negitive propaganda to discredit Harry and Megan. Harry and megan are like Princess Dianna seen as a threat. Be careful Harry and Megan. Charles and Camilla are destructive selfish people who want control and power.
    Harry and Megan are the people's champion of hearts

  17. I loved princess Diana she was amazing. I remember the cruel way Charles and camilla used her and got rid of Diana ,sad day
    Now harry and megan have escaped the toxic royals. Love harry and megan