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Are you HUNGRY for more free content? ?

I’ve partnered up with Audible to help distribute my audiobooks around the world and for a limited time you can download my bestselling book “The Power of Purpose” for FREE by creating a free trial account through Audible at the link below.

If you want to listen to EXCLUSIVE content that would normally cost $50, just open up a free trial at the link above for you to get 1 free credit from Audible that you can use to download the audiobook for free.

The Power of Purpose is a 6-hour long book I narrated myself a couple years ago and used to sell at my seminars for over $200. So take action now. Even if you currently have an Audible account you can open up a new trial account by using another email address.

If you have any questions, feel free to email our support team at [email protected] and we can guide you along the process to help you claim your free book.

I look forward to helping you FIND YOUR PURPOSE.

Les Brown

PS – again, the link is

… bye for now!

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  1. Les, you are the "Miracle" that is needed for us to get up, stand up and make up our mind to not live a life of mediocraty and ignor-ance.
    Les, your example of unstopability is the true testament of what we all have within.
    Thank you Les Brown.

  2. Always pleasing to the ears. I have learnt alot from your teaching and continue to learn. I have used the valuable information to make massive changes in my life, thinking and surroundings and it's so beautiful. Thank you and thank god for you. Many blessings and God's protection over you.

  3. This Man has no idea how much he has impacted my life through the years. Thank you for inspiring us then…. and now with these youtube clips.
    May God Bless you with health and a beautiful long life.

  4. I came for inspiration and left with a serenade…you can sing to me anytime Les! Thank you for a clear lesson on not wasting time with folks who don't have a clue! I must prepare hard!

  5. Absolutely I can't Express my feelings to you in a good way cause I haven't amazing words , but I strongly appreciate your efforts that you have exerted in order to make different amazing world .
    So many thanks mr. Les brown -!
    Mr. Eastern thah is me -!!