PRACTICE. PATIENCE. PROGRESS. – Best Motivational Video (love the process)

PRACTICE. PATIENCE. PROGRESS. – Best Motivational Video (love the process)

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  1. I have come a long way but man does it get tiring. I need to recognize what I have done in the days prior, enjoy todays acconplishments, and focus on what I must do tomorrow.

    I had quite the mental hell of anxiety and depression over the winter. I still feel risidual gad and depression but its more manageable as the months of hard work go by. Now I am a better, more callased version of myself.
    We are all on a journy, and with work, it will pay off. But paying off just means a moment of peace which is oppertunity for further limit pushing.


    Be sure to keep your eyes wide open.

    For there's a motion film in the creating.

    Deep within, there’s a story that is yearning to be awoken.

    Without a doubt it's already in the taking.

    Word was that it wouldn't mount to fruition.

    One hell of a story mind you, so inspiring.

    Within a matter of time, it'll be cast out there on exhibition.

    RISING UP is so dramatic and extremely motivating.

    No bull, there's talk about casting a sequel.

    So, make sure that you keep your nose to the grindstone.

    For RISING UP 1, will be more chaotic and intensely lethal.

    Folks by RISING UP each day & facing your challenges, will draw you one step closer to achieving your milestone.

    P.S Don’t forget to keep your eyes wide open

    & your nose to the grindstone for


  3. “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly.” 

    So just believe in yourself and have some patience. Everything will be alright.

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  5. Hello…….this as always, is a video to challenge those who want change, better, and to use one of many key phrases "who you want to become".
    I don't have to see "it", because with each new day, every breath we are all moving toward "it". How we get there is on us, always has been. A victim mentality just allows others to pull your strings. I chose not to ask permission, but with careful observation move forward to who I want to become, and where I want to be. I love this quote, and it fits my attitude about moving forward. "Only got one life—and I'm gonna ride this till the wheels fall off." My faith is my guide, and leading factor. Thanks once again….be safe be blessed!!!

  6. To the 1 percent that reads this-whatever u go through just wanna let you know you got this, you haven’t been through all you’ve been through for nothing-I gotchu , my videos gotchu to lift you up and empower you, and inspire you on your journey. So stop by some if you want, if not I hope you enjoy the rest of your day man

  7. 3:46 " Because I choose not to ever be a victim .I cannot choose whether I'm victimised , but I have the ability to say : " I will never be a victim ".Because there's always something you can do differently .There is always something you can do differently ."
    6:33 " You're not defined by who you are .You're defined by who you want to become "