Positive Thinking vs. Positive ACTION | Darren Hardy – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

Positive Thinking vs. Positive ACTION | Darren Hardy – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

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Today is… drumroll please … “Positive Thinking Day.” And I for one think it’s a load of BS. In our community of achievers, we believe “positive thinking” can only get you so far. For us, it’s all about positive ACTION! Watch this video and be inspired to take action today! https://bit.ly/38fJzci

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0:00 – Positive thinking day
0:49 – The problems with ‘positive thinking’
2:03 – Revealing study on the negatives of positive thinking
3:26 – The alternative to positive thinking
4:23 – Positive ACTION is the key
5:38 – Positive thinking doesn’t lead to positive action
6:32 – Positive action comes first
7:00 – Make this ‘Positive Action Day’

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positive thinking doesn’t work,

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  1. My three positive action:
    1.I'm a student so I have to study like it or not…
    2. I'm going to read a personal development book for 30 min
    3.and for last action….I'm going to exercise 💪

  2. 3 positive actions for today?
    1) mail the poster out for Roll for a Cure
    2) work on the youth BJJ curriculum
    3) module 2 of Insane productivity (which I also think positively about 😁)

  3. For the first time since being introduced to Darren I have to disagree. I’ve read many of the books he referenced and they do not promote just thinking. They do not teach to “sit on the couch eating chips and binge Netflix while you visualize and hope that you be become rich and successful.” They do teach that having the right, positive expectation in all circumstances will help you become successful. Failure is a lesson you learn from, not a reason to quit. You don’t want to do the work required to move forward, but you understand by doing it you get closer to your goal so you do it anyway. Instead of teaching positive thinking VS positive action, a better message might have been positive thinking WITH positive action.