Political Difference as Gateway to Presence

Political Difference as Gateway to Presence

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How can we use the recent election results to deepen our practice? Eckhart states that no matter our political persuasion, Donald …

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  1. Political correctness, Identity Politics of race, class, gender, sexuality, religion etc. and Oppression Olympics of Victim status are products of strong Ego identification – very unconscious – it puts people against each other day and night – therefore very toxic for both sides. That's maybe why it is modus operandi of revolutionaries on the left – it brings conflicts – demoralization – destabilization – revolution – normalization (gulags) – socialist paradise (see Venezuela)

    "I'm American, hear me roar" is bad Ego identity but it is much more abstract and therefore much less dense than "I'm black disabled lesbian Muslim immigrant, hear me weep….and gimme your money."

    It's funny how utter Ego maniac was the only one able to swing the pendulum closer to balance 🙂

    Dont worry, you are protected by Constitution and you have good Constitution. Also Republicans are not the ones seeking to erode it.

  2. i think really if you hate a person or a movement .your really hating yourself if you think about it ,your sat in your room hating Trump .who are you really hating ?

  3. I guess some may consider this as Eckhart wading in to politics… I do not… remember how he quotes a Zen master saying "Enter Zen from there"? I feel for this guy and his attachment to his ideology… "Make this your spiritual practice" was obviously taken out of context by the gentleman… Slick little ego… it was never intended to drive the bus but there it goes…

  4. Many people commenting here seem to be ignoring what the man in the audience actually said. He literally says "I accept it" (meaning Trump presidency).
    You're also ignoring that Eckhart praised him for allowing himself to get to this realization
    You're not truly present if your ego is judging his ego.

  5. Hmmmm… lets just say the concept/Land known as America was not exactly founded, established by the most awakened consciousness; diametrically opposed to sanity and consideration of the very humanity that brought it to existence. If you take into account the violence, subjugation, prejudice, misogyny and racist policies that have been held high in the name of ‘progress’ and some humans actually think there was ever a time where we could go back to to make it ‘great again’ then the guy in the white House is no more than a mascot to the game itself. America is in a state of foreseeable decline. If you do not represent a certain physical manifestation: I.e. construct of sex, race, Socio-demographic, religious practice, sexual preference or other historically advantaged trait then it will be a good practice indeed to withdraw attention from this incredible insanity (the dual party system is two messed up wings on the same bird IMHO) delve deeper into Presence and watch what happens. There were some on the Titanic who still thought it was no biggie until the ship was halfway under freezing water. Like the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians…. it’s not looking to hot for this country as we know it. Consciousness will yet again provide a renewed experience to witness something different and the leader of that nation will reflect its collective consciousness- just like the one that reflects it today.

  6. You can't bent the government (or who is going to play the front line marionette at a certain time), that is not possible. Rather realize the truth: as still until today there is no government or president or political entity anywhere at any place in the world.
    There are only Banks and Cooperations.

    Learn more about Systems Theory, Network Theory and a new economic model based on physical reality and sustainability, outside what mathematically can not work as we still use until today with all the highly developed technologies. As always new knowledge is overwhelming. "YOU NEVER CHANGE SOMETHING BY FIGHTING THE EXISTING REALITY, IN ORDER TO CHANGE ANYTHING BUILD A NEW MODEL WHICH MAKES THE EXISTING ONE OBSOLETE" ~ RB Fuller

  7. I’m really surprised ET didn’t identify all politicians and politics in general as heavy egoic mind constructs and an outward manifestation of the darker aspects of mind/ego?. Isn’t it time we move past voting for anyone to rule over us. Be that king’s, queens or presidents, etc.. and start learning how to self govern. Our modern government (both sides) is a very nasty outward manifestation of mind that is deeply predominantly rooted in fear, division, force, etc… it’s the opposite of free will really.

  8. “Make sure it’s not a reaction from anger because the more you’re motivated by anger the more you contribute to the unconsciousness”

    Eckhart Tolle is the Yoda of awareness and nothingness.

  9. Sincere enquiry from a follower of Eckhart and also a disliker of Trump. I find Trump the epitomy of the egoic mind. Namely creating enemies, blaming others, separating by race & looks, the pursuit of wealth and power. – Like anyone he has of course some good political views too. I'm not saying other politicians are perfect or not deeply flawed and also lie too. I have not personally found any of them lie as much as Trump and also be so selfish in their outlook towards the world. How do Trump supporters marry these, IMO clearly, differing approaches to living? I'm intrigued. I did not expect Trump supporters to be followers of Eckhart so I am suprised but also intrigued.

  10. The image of the dancer comes from the Shiva Nataraja, the many-armed Hindu god dancing in a ring of fire, the god of creation and destruction (form and impermanence). But Eckhart intentionally leaves references to the specifics of Eastern religion out of his messages to Westerners. For example he doesn’t use names for the concepts he frequently discusses that are common in Buddhism. I believe it’s to avoid “losing” his Western audience.

  11. Okay, then spinning the question further – people might die if Trump remains in office. How do I stay present and accept reality, BUT also work towards change so that that bastard isn't reelected? How can I be a social activist – someone who identifies needs and wants and problems, and works to fix them – and still follow your tips?