Please don't let this happen anymore.

Please don't let this happen anymore.

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This needs to stop! A Must See life changing video for students! Words hurt. Together we can stop bullying.

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►Speaker: Nathan Harmon

Nathan Harmon is the #1 booked school speaker nationwide in 2017 & 2018, speaking at over 310+ schools. His message is powerful and clear: “Your Life Speaks”. Your life is important. Your life and voice have the ability to overcome every obstacle and every situation.
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  1. very good motivaition …hello guys i love you ..i'm egyptain..i hope travel to any nation i have 17 year but how i speak english…i let egypt because we boss😔😔 i need steps… thank you guys❤❤

  2. But… What if we can't speak? What if we speak and just make everything worse than it already is.
    Teacher, friend, stranger, parent…what if you can't talk to either of them?
    Because…. I can't. The minute I speak to someone I'm going to end up in a place where I don't want to be. So I can't speak which just makes everything build up. And it built up so much to the point where
    I started hating myself for not being able to speak. And I started self harming. And I'm not proud of it I'm really not but… It's the only other thing that keeps me going. And I don't know how to get help because it's not that simple. The last time I asked for help I got rejected really badly which scared me to ever ask for help again.

    And you are right until I talk about what's going on with me I'm not going to change. It's just the one person I want to talk to… Rejected the fact that I'm broken. And there is nothing I can do to change her mind

  3. I love the way these people give these long life lessons just for us to get better . The fact is that they don't even know us . How great is that . Thank you.

  4. I have a friend who verbally abuses people and I don't want to end our friendship after watching this but want to make it stronger by telling her that it doesn't matter what others think about you but it matters what you think about yourself so don't bully others if they bother you because all you need to do is ignore them and tell an adult

  5. Hit different when that one clip of someone’s hearing aid getting knocked out..I have hearing loss and idk why but something just set off and I started bawling

  6. The people who try the hardest and succeed in life, are the people who have been bullied…… If you are thinking about ending it, please don't just wait a bit longer you'll see. But to the people who are the reason for many deaths change your ways before you never get the chance to say sorry. Noone special said this at least I think so… But I say this to anybody who even had one bad thing happen "you are beautiful, please don't change yourself"

  7. Even the little word
    Or even a single word from a random person or someone you love, someone you care can lead you to death
    Words cut deeper than anything else in this world
    Think before you say and act
    You might feel better by bullying or saying bad thing to someone you do that bc you cant hold the pressure that is inside of you so you give it to someone else you might feel better but the person you just hurted can end his life
    So think before you say or act