People Staring While You Pee At Boot Camp l Q&A 088 – MasteryTV –

People Staring While You Pee At Boot Camp l Q&A 088 – MasteryTV –

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Do people stare at you while you pee in boot camp?
Not That I am aware haha. Let me share with you few things.

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  1. Not to mention you shower with them every day, my experience showed that it wasn’t awkward after p-1 day, it got to the point where we would make jokes to each other, and shoot random conversations occasionally, it’s a brotherhood, we are just trying to get everyone to go to the bathroom before the RDCs start giving us OJ for being in the head for too long

  2. how selective is the Navy right now?

    I have three trespassing misdemeanors on my record plus failure to appear and a probation violation. I'm in the process of getting my waiver approved right now just now sure what to think.

  3. ***** Former Australian Navy LS joining US Navy. *******How long is the LS active commitment? 4 or 5 years? After how many years can you change rates?If you had a choice between Seebee or LS what would you choose? If your married too.

  4. I love when people stare at me when I pee. I make direct eye contact if I know someone is looking. I don't blink or look away until I finish. That's what a real man does.