Overcome Your Public Speaking Anxiety With These Tips | Eric Edmeades – MasteryTV

Overcome Your Public Speaking Anxiety With These Tips | Eric Edmeades – MasteryTV

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The first thing you need to learn to improve public speaking skills is that you were not born with stage fright.

This video is a true public speaking class -in which Eric himself shows his skills. At first, he might sound to you like a usual public speaking training, but you’ll see that he shares unconventional public speaking tips that will make you see the stage with new eyes. The power of your stories is greater than you think.

Eric also touches a lot on how this skill affects your business planning and strategy because overcoming the fear of public speaking and learning storytelling techniques are the initial steps to learn how to persuade people. So leave your public speaking anxiety behind and learn how to grow with your business through the art of public speaking and the art of storytelling. Watch this video now to boost business growth strategy.

About Eric Edmeades:

✅ Eric Edmeades is an award-winning international entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business mentor.

✅ As an entrepreneur, Eric has created extraordinary success in a diversity of fields – including military R&D, mobile computing, Hollywood special effects, and optimal nutrition through WILDFIT: Mindvalley’s bestselling wellness program that has transformed over 10,000 people worldwide.

✅ In 2018, Eric was awarded a medal by the Speaker of the Canadian Senate for his work in improving the quality of people’s lives.

✅ His achievements have also earned him an award from the Transformational Leadership Council: a panel of 150 of America’s top visionaries in health, wellness, and peak performance.

✅Eric speaks on stages worldwide with luminaries like Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Robin Sharma, and President Bill Clinton on subjects including entrepreneurship and human transformation.

✅Eric’s many specialties include holistic wellness and Behavioral Change Dynamics: a process that harnesses psychology and transformative language patterns to rewire the human mind for peak performance permanently. He also applies this methodology in his business training with founders and entrepreneurs.

✅ Throughout his career, Eric has founded various business mentoring initiatives around the world: including Business Freedom Academy, Success Express Journal, Speaker Nation, young entrepreneur mentoring with the UK’s Prince’s Trust, and See You At The Top: a two-week business intensive that culminated in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

🎓About the masterclass: “Build an Automatic Business that Runs Itself in 2 Years or Less.”

You’ll discover:

What’s your current level of Business Freedom?
Upon signing up for the Masterclass, you’ll receive Eric’s Business Freedom Audit PDF: a tool that provides instant clarity on your personal level of business freedom. And in the Masterclass, you’ll discover how to raise that level dramatically.
Are you saying NO enough?
Whether you’re trying to achieve lifestyle freedom or getting your business off the ground – so much of the stress and burnout entrepreneurs face is caused by emotional addictions to unproductive work. Discover how to say NO to time-killing tasks and free yourself for what really matters.
The 2 levels of Business Freedom.
Level 1 is what most entrepreneurs aspire to. Level 2 is the holy grail of entrepreneurship that rewards you with absolute freedom of time, money, and growth. And in the Masterclass, you’ll discover how to achieve both.
Why automation & efficiency is key.
Find out how to bring automated wealth, lifestyle freedom, and limitless growth – all by creating a highly efficient business. In this masterclass, business visionary and internationally acclaimed entrepreneur Eric Edmeades will share a proven process to build a completely automated business rapidly.
Why it’s time to retire your organizational chart.
Discover why traditional organizational charts are fundamentally flawed and how to apply a process known as Role Mapping to clearly define your team’s responsibilities and free yourself from soul-crushing tasks you’d rather not be stuck doing.

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