ONE DAY OR DAY ONE – Best Motivational Video Compilation for Students, Studying and Success in Life

ONE DAY OR DAY ONE – Best Motivational Video Compilation for Students, Studying and Success in Life

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  1. June 11, 2020. Imma make today my day one. Not gonna stalk you on the internet anymore. I need to start plan for my future. I need to regaining control of my life. Stop being pathetic. I’ve already come so far, and there’s no single change that I will quit. I wanna see what’s the world be like when I make it to the last, when I finally overcome all those obstacles that I never thought I would overcome, hierarchy, capability, personality… most of all, I wanna say, after I have accomplished them all, that the pain I felt on my day one, was just nothing at all.

  2. I'm only 15years old, and i just feel like i really want to be a big success in my life to not only have freedom and satisfaction in my life, but to help others build their mindset and change this world to make people think positively and be like a mentor for them, like my dad is for me. I'm still in the process of achieving that unstoppable mindset. In 5 years i will and i know i am going to achieve a mindset of an unstoppable person and i am going to be a big success in my life, and at that age of 20 i am going to be helping people younger and older people than myself! Even my name(A Man of Wealth) gurrantees my success in this world. God bless All you people who want to be a Success in your life and goodluck! If you have persistence to never give up! you will be where you want to be. I am still learning this part slowly but SURELY!

  3. Did Tyrese preach or what?  I am motivated.  I get up earlier, I go to bed late, and I don't stop.  No more victim, no more sad stories, no more negativity.

  4. Beginning is so important. I thought about it for years. Spent 6 years feeling miserable and every night when I went to bed I hoped I wouldn't wake up the next morning. I knew it was me. I knew that I was the problem and after 6 years of blaming everything but myself I finally admitted it was me and I made an instant change in my life. Mel Robins says that you can't wait around until you feel like it. I'm sorry, but she's full of shit. Not really, but just because she went about things her way doesn't mean that applies to or fits everyone else. I didn't wait around until I felt like it, I waited around for my gut to tell me to start. On the 4th of July 2016 I woke up and my gut said it's time. I stopped hanging out with all but my 2 closest friends and my family. I quit going out, I swore off dating altogether and just spent a LOT of time alone figuring out how to recondition my mind. Now, I believe in fate. Maybe people have free will, but I don't believe that I do. I've known my whole life why God put me here and now, but I had years worth of life experience to learn before that time came. My gut tells me things all the time. I call it the feeling of fate. When I'm doing something I'm supposed to be doing, it gets stronger. If I'm thinking about doing something I'm supposed to be doing, it gets stronger. I know for a fact that those 6 years were absolutely essential. If not for those 6 years I would've never made that change in my life. People who are content, not happy necessarily, but at least content don't have a tendency to change their lives. That 6 years was absolutely, positively necessary. I knew the whole time that it was for a reason, it didn't make me feel any better but I knew it was for a reason. My decision to change wasn't supposed to happen ANY sooner. It was meant to happen on July 4th 2016 since the moment I was conceived. I started removing all negative talk from my mouth and then from my mind and actively replaced that with positivity. It took me a while and I had to make a conscious deliberate effort to make it happen. I felt much better that day, but over the last 4 years life has been fucking incredible. It took 3.5 years of work on my mind for me to finally start having major mental breakthroughs but this year has been profound as can be and that's an understatement to say the least. I learned a lot this year. I realized the reason my gut has NEVER been wrong is because that's God's way of guiding me through life. Once I realized that, I started looking back at all those times in my past that I had regretted for so long, times that I did or did not do something and I had no idea why I did or did not do it. There were a few girls in the past that I know liked me and I really liked them and for whatever reason I just never acted on it. I mean a few girls that I was very much attracted to and I just never did anything about it. I couldn't understand for years why. I had a list of regrets 10 miles long for most of my life and always wishing I could change so many things from the past. Now, I know why I didn't ask those particular girls out, it's because my gut told me not to. I didn't realize it at the time, but I know now. I have a feeling that if I had asked any of them out I may have dated them or maybe even gotten married eventually and I wouldn't be where I am right now. Once I realized this, it changed my life forever. I do not have a single regret at all whatsoever anymore, period. Also, after seeing how well God orchestrated my life so far, why would I ever been dumb enough to worry ever again. I'm not saying people are dumb for worrying, I'm just saying that knowing what I know now, I would be stupid to worry ever again.

    {Continued In Responses}

  5. Congratulations on 2.5. Million Subscribers..seems like yesterday we were on the phone and you guys had just got started!!! We hank You For BELIEVING IN ME..COACH HITE!!!!!!
    Let’s Grow Fellas!!!!

  6. My steps:
    I left everyone friends n sister, bro. Only talk to my mom properly. I just wanted to be respected n loved like I do to them . N worked for them to like me. I dunno where this is going.
    Just focusing on my goals. Figuring myself out. Trying to accomplish habits .

  7. This video just is eyes opening, remember you have what it takes and sometimes it seems that you do t but trust yourself you have it you just need to push little bit more. YOU GOT THIS

  8. Just a reminder.

    Keep going! You are capable and even if you fall get up and keep going! Don't let yourself go even when it's hard. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! "Turn your pain into progress" Come back here when you need emotional support, I will help you through this. You can do this!

    Lots of love,

    – A random person 🙂

  9. I have been dreaming but now I'm going to walk in my dreams, just because of your encouraging words. Thanks coz I feel like I'm the richest man in this world.

  10. Day 1 started in 12th and The result was getting a 100 in two subject Maths & PE … ✨ We can try we should try & we have to try no matter what 🙂

  11. I listen to one of ur videos everyday.It’s my source of daily of motivation.I’m tired of being mediocre/average.I have starting taking steps to change my life.I exercise for half n hr daily and I study well to make sure I go to sleep feeling satisfied with what I did that day.
    -from a 16 yr old girl

  12. My commodity is killing me that I always try to live in the moment in my mind so my actions are distinct. I have to change this beacuase we live once i often say the future is 50% not 100%
    No one knows what can pan out after a few minutes so we couldn’t trust in something like this.