Omniscient, infinite intelligence…

Omniscient, infinite intelligence…

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►SELF-HYPNOSIS AUDIO PROGRAMS: (Reprogram Your Subconscious)

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  1. Omnificent is source. Each human a student pupil of LAW disciplined in the scientific approach to self discovery where Land Air Water is a human resource of experience with the source of all it is to be human.

  2. English language has been designed to work against people who speak it and aren't knowledgeable on how the English language cast spells on those who speak it just saying simple day to day phrases.

  3. " Our Father said we are above all " but only if we follow the ways of creation. , which is to be good, to be as imagined. To be wise , to be physically strong , wealthy , to have more than others but choose to go against or to do nothing is to go against creation , makes no sense . Hard to believe for most because they deny simple truth and follow the world which seems easier but goes nowhere.